Duchess Bake Shop conjures giant gingerbread Hogwarts Castle

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You won’t find this finely crafted confectionery masterpiece at any shop on Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade Village. Only Canada’s Duchess Bake Shop harbors this heavenly Hogwarts Castle gingerbread giant.

Well known for their blend of local and French pastries, the wizards at Duchess conjured this castle from sugar, candy, and, of course, gingerbread. Fiendish fans can even try their luck at a chance to destroy the sprawling cookie castle (dark mark not required).

Bakery brilliance

Edmonton, the capital city of Canadian province Alberta, claims confectionary clout as the home of Duchess Bake Shop. On 124th Street, tempting treats (tarts, croissants, cookies, brioche, brownies and macarons), perfect provisions (top grade syrups, flours, baking chips, doughs, butter, spices, and cookie kits), and confectionary classes come together, forming a world-class pastry shop.

Since opening in 2009, all of the clever creations at Duchess are made in-house, from scratch. The same ingredients used in their marvelous, mouth-watering munchies are also offered for sale. In addition to baked delights, Duchess also offers a special blend of Matchstick Coffee: Bulldog espresso (a nutty, chocolate blend designed to compliment the delightful delicacies sold).

Hogwarts Holiday magic

This holiday season, Duchess designed a bit of sweet magic. This giant gingerbread tribute to the Wizarding World takes up 50 square feet of sugary real estate. Dome capped towers, nursery greenhouses, Great Hall, owlery, and first-year boathouse are all crafted from the spiced cookie, sugar, and candy. Crafted by bakery owners, Hogwarts took 4 months and countless hours to build.

Wizards and muggles examining the edifice will notice amazing, all edible details. Ornate bridges, intricate individual sugar roof tiles (in Hogwarts house colors), painstakingly painted mountain base, gumdrop tiled walkways and a cauldron full of sugar piped icing decoration detail the sweet, sprawling structure.

Casting a complimenting spell, Duchess Bake Shop baristas conjured a special blend of Butterbeer.

“This silky steamed milk has notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and lemon, and feel free to add a shot of espresso if you’re so inclined. Stop by and try one this holiday season!” – Duchess Bake Shop Facebook page

Hogwarts Castle, however, won’t be around forever. Inspired by the emancipated house elf, Dobby, charity sock donations score entries for the chance to own the sugary structure. The socks go to Bissel Centre, a charity working to eliminate poverty. Make donations by year’s end. Hogwarts Castle will be on display until January 13, 2019, when the winner will have the option to demolish the towers.

Baking Fun at home

Inspired by baking wizardry?  Grab a copy of their spellbook (cookbook) from Amazon ($19.49).

Perhaps plans for smaller scale sweet structures are in order?  Find directions (and icing recipe) for crafting Phantom Manor, The Blob house and more at Gingerbread Dimensions.

Final note

This magical gigantic gingerbread Hogwarts Castle will be on display through January 13 at Duchess Bake Shop.  They are located at 10718 124 St, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Store hours Tuesday through Friday are 9am to 7pm; 10am to 6pm on Saturdays and 10am to 5pm on Sundays (closed on Mondays and any Tuesday when a Monday is a holiday). Duchess Bake Shop’s website lists both mouthwatering pastries and fine provisions.

Source and images: Duchess Bake Shop Facebook page, Instagram page and website, Garner Beggs Instagram, Gingerbread Dimensions, Amazon, Pop Sugar, YouTube

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