Repeated viewing of Disney’s “Bambi” provides part of poacher’s punishment

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Normally, the Walt Disney Studio’s classic animated features, like “Bambi,” are a source of fun, family entertainment. However, one convicted poacher in Missouri must watch the animated feature as part of his punishment.

Arrested with other members of his family, as part of several month effort to thwart illegal hunting in the area, David Berry Jr. received 12 months in jail for his crimes. Included in that sentence are regular monthly screenings of the 1942 classic cartoon.

Authorities pursued the poachers for nearly a year. According to officials, David Berry Jr. and relatives (David Sr. and Kyle) were arrested late in the summer of 2016. Their illegal hunting habits included taking trophies of deer antlers and heads while leaving remains to rot.

Judge Robert George (Lawrence County, MO) is hoping that by requiring David Berry Jr to view monthly screenings of the 1942 film, which includes the trauma of witnessing Bambi lose his mother to hunters, will dissuade future violations.

Walt Disney Studios released “Bambi” in August of 1942. The 70-minute motion picture was directed by David Hand. Though the movie did not receive the Oscar, it was nominated for Best Sound, Best Song and Best Original Music Score.

Forever etched in the memories of those who’ve watched it, heart wrenching moments in the film stem from intense emotion endured by young Bambi as his mother is killed by hunters early in the story.

Should this be part of poaching punishment? If so, is it enough or effective? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Source and images: CNN, Wikipedia, Oh My Disney, IMDb, YouTube

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