Disneyland Resort Starbucks “You Are Here” mugs now available online

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Picture this: you’re sitting outside at Carnation Café in Disneyland, overlooking the morning strolls of park guests as they mosey down Main Street U.S.A. You’re sipping a fresh cup of coffee and thinking that it can’t get much better. Well, coffee lovers, now you can enjoy a cup of coffee the Disney way right at home, because the Disneyland Resort Starbucks “You Are Here” mug collection is now available for purchase online at shopDisney!

For years, Disney and Starbucks have collaborated to bring Disney guests amazing mugs as part of the Starbucks “You Are Here” collection. This year, Starbucks and Disney released even more amazing versions of their collaborations, and fans everywhere want to get their hands on these awesome mugs. Often, many of us miss out on fantastic merchandise because so much of it can only be purchased on Disney property and isn’t available online. But lately, Disney has been changing that, and more and more “park-exclusive” merchandise is becoming available for order online at shopDisney. The Disney Starbucks collection is part of that movement!

We mentioned earlier this week that some of the Walt Disney World Resort Starbucks mugs were made available online, and now the Disneyland Resort collection is online, too! If you’re a Disney mug collector who has been itching to get your hands on these mugs, head over to the shopDisney website to check out everything that is currently available. We hope Disney continues to add more and more of these Starbucks mugs to the website. There is definitely a high demand for them!

Take a look at the Disneyland Resort “You Are Here” mugs currently online.


The Disneyland-themed mugs currently available on shopDisney are absolutely beautiful and pay homage to some of our favorite lands in Disneyland. The full-size mug features a design themed after Adventureland, and we can’t get enough of it. The design showcases the Enchanted Tiki Room front and center, with beautiful green and blue hues to make all the flowers croon. The espresso/ornament mug currently on the website is Fantasyland themed, and this may be our favorite “You Are Here” mug ever created. It is themed after Fantasyland and features beautiful pastel colors that remind us of all of our favorite whimsical attractions.

Disney California Adventure

The Disney California Adventure full-size and espresso mugs currently on the shopDisney website both feature the same brightly-colored design. The blue and red colors remind us of the California vibes of this theme park and the all-new Pixar Pier. We love the vintage west-coast feel that this mug gives, and we can’t wait to add this to our collection.

You can find these Disneyland Resort “You Are Here” mugs, as well as the Walt Disney World versions, online at shopDisney as well as in person at the Starbucks locations inside each theme park, at Downtown Disney, and at Disney Springs. We absolutely adore every mug in this collection, and we love seeing all of the new designs that Disney and Starbucks create for all of us coffee-loving Disney fans. We hope that Disney continues to make park-exclusive merchandise like this more and more available online. We can’t wait to get it all!

What do you think of these Disneyland Starbucks mugs? Let us know your favorite!

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