Wizarding World travel agency Globus Mundi now open at Diagon Alley, Universal Studios Florida

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This Halloween, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter quietly opened a brand-new shop at Diagon Alley. Globus Mundi Travel Agents, located across from the stage in Carkitt Market, joined other shops and dining delights enchanting Harry Potter fans at Universal Orlando Resort.

After a brief hour-long soft opening on October 30, the wizarding travel agency opened its doors for service in its new, more easily accessible location. Originally, Muggles were not able to peruse the second-floor location above Shutterbutton’s; now, they can make travel “arrangements” and browse souvenirs.

As with all other magical merchandise manifestations at Universal Studios Florida, Globus Mundi greets muggles and wizards as a fully themed, immersive experience. Travel destination posters advertise trips to Scotland (for a Quidditch tour), New York (City of Magic), Amazon (the Great Rainforest, home to the Gaipora) and Japan. Other offerings include Knight Bus excursions, Broom Tours and Day Passage in New York (including assistance with wand permits).

Also advertised in the spellbinding shop’s front window:

  • Complimentary tepid Cocoa on board the Knight Bus
  • Broom Tour City Breaks (Cork, Antwerp, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Bratislava, Edinburgh)
  • Air Coach broom service to New York
  • Tours of Ancient Warlock Burial Sites
  • Express Service to Worldwide Wizarding Schools (Durmstrang, Castelobruxo, Uagadou, and Mahoutokoro)
  • Water Creature Guided Tours (Loch Ness Monster, The Kraken, Mermaids & Mermen)
  • Wand Permit Applications for westward traveling wizards
  • Broom Rentals (Sweeping Seven Day Deals!)
  • Rent-a-Carpet Services
  • Purple Passage Fast pass for the Knight Bus
  • Romanian Dragon Spotting Packages
  • Apparition Tours of Muggle London
  • Hogwarts Express specials
  • Family broom excursions to the Sicily Isles
  • Portkey Passages (secrecy assured)

Of course, with travel comes souvenirs. From branded t-shirts, assorted travel clothes, and accessories to Hogwarts Express train toys, Globus Mundi has all a wizard or muggle could want.

Bright, fun to explore, and filled with more magical merchandise from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Globus Mundi is a welcome addition to the immersive Diagon Alley area of Universal Studios Florida.

Images: Michael Gavin

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