¡Viva Navidad! 2018 at Disney California Adventure

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Disneyland Resort offers amazing entertainment throughout the holiday season, and at Disney California Adventure, guests can immerse themselves in cultural celebrations of the holidays through the annual ¡Viva Navidad! events. Each year, Paradise Gardens Park transforms into ¡Viva Navidad! in celebration of the Latin American traditions of the holiday season. The shows, meet and greets, and food can’t be beat, and we’re so excited to share everything that Disney California Adventure has to offer for the 2018 ¡Viva Navidad! celebrations.

The most spectacular of the ¡Viva Navidad! celebrations is the ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party featuring the Three Caballeros: Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and Jose de Carioca. The ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party invites Disney California Adventure park guests to sing and dance along with mariachi and samba musicians, folklorico dancers, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and larger than life mojiganga puppets.

The ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party is a fun-filled event for the whole family. The dancers and musicians celebrate Mexican, Brazilian, and other Latin American music and dance styles, inviting guests to take part in holiday traditions of the world. Toward the end of the party, the dancers and musicians welcome guests to dance along with them in the streets, sharing their dance moves and instruments with children of all ages.

The ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party takes place at Paradise Gardens Park in Disney California Adventure several times throughout the day. Check the Disneyland Resort official website for details on performance showtimes during your park visit.


The ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party isn’t the only cultural celebration happening throughout Disney California Adventure this holiday season. In Paradise Gardens Park, guests have the opportunity to meet and greet their favorite Disney characters dressed in special seasonal outfits. Guests can meet the Three Caballeros, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and even Princess Elena of Avalor.

Guests can also celebrate Princess Elena of Avalor in her Musical Grand Arrival at Paradise Gardens Park as part of ¡Viva Navidad! through January 8, 2019. Princess Elena arrives on her royal float complete with her best friends and musical fanfare in a fiesta entertainment event. This cavalcade takes place daily, shortly following the  ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party, so check the Disneyland Resort website for more information on showtimes.

Can’t get enough  ¡Viva Navidad! celebrations? Be sure to check out the seasonal menu at Paradise Garden Grill. The restaurant is serving Latin-inspired dishes throughout the holiday season at Disneyland Resort. Additionally, check out Festival of Holidays for more twists on traditional Latin American holiday dishes. Stop by Brews and Bites for some delicious chorizo queso fundido, Visions of Sugarplums for the horchata fudge, or Spicy Celebrations for jalapeno latkes with chipotle crema. There are so many delectable dishes to try at Festival of Holidays, and many are infused with traditional Latin American flavors, making the food festival an excellent way to celebrate ¡Viva Navidad! at Disney California Adventure. 

Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure is a fantastic park to relax and enjoy throughout the holiday season. Take a stroll through the area to admire the colorful decorations in honor of ¡Viva Navidad! and share some holiday memories, creating new traditions with your family. Guests are welcome to take part in various activities, such as listening to live performances by the Mariachi Divas and creating crafts inspired by the ¡Viva Navidad! celebrations.

Viva Navidad!

Don’t miss out on all the fun that ¡Viva Navidad! has to offer at Disney California Adventure through January 8, 2019. The celebrations culminate in the Three Kings Day event, which honors the Epiphany, or the twelfth day of Christmas. The holiday is known as El Día de los Reyes Magos in Central and South America and Mexico. Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays commemorates the occasion with enchanting Latin American traditions the whole family can enjoy. Throughout the Three Kings Day event from January 3 through 8, guests can take a look at displays of Magi figurines bearing gifts they brought to Bethlehem and children’s shoes left out at night to be filled with toys, per the tradition of the holiday. Children can also color themed pictures and design their own crowns in honor of the holiday.

There are so many attractions to enjoy throughout the holiday season at Disneyland Resort and ¡Viva Navidad! is filled with can’t-miss events for the whole family this year. Be sure to head over to Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure during your Disneyland Resort visit before the holiday celebrations end on January 8.

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