7 U.S. homes and hotels straight out of your favorite fairy tales

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Have you ever wanted to walk straight into your favorite fairy tale? Of course, the best way to do that is by visiting a Disney park, but these U.S. homes and hotels may be the next best thing. Whether you are able to stay at one of these places or just take a tour for the day, here are some of the U.S.’s most enchanting fairytale homes and hotels.

Snow White’s Cottage: Olalla, WA

This cottage was inspired by the Seven Dwarfs’ home in the original Disney classic, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Given that it’s themed after Walt Disney’s first princess, this home may be at the top of many Disney fanatics’ travel bucket lists. The home’s interior is beautifully crafted, and the property is so immersive, you’ll wonder why sweet woodland creatures and dwarfs aren’t greeting you at the door. Stop by this home in Washington when you can; you (and your childhood self) won’t regret it.

Biltmore Estate: Asheville, NC

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Built by George Vanderbilt in 1895 in the North Carolina mountains, this massive property is beautiful year round. The historic property is the ideal travel destination for anyone interested in beautiful architecture, American history, and transportive experiences. Biltmore Estate is fully furnished and decorated, so taking a tour of the property feels like you are transported back in time to the turn of the 20th century. Guests are welcome to stay overnight at The Inn on Biltmore Estate or the Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate, but visitors are welcome to tour the property regardless of where they are staying.

Hearst Castle: San Simeon, CA

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Any destination located in a place called the Enchanted Hill is bound to be on the top of our list. Nestled on the central coast of California, Hearst Castle is an American landmark built on a property purchased by George Hearst in 1865. William Randolph Hearst lived in the castle in the early 1900s, and it has been a dream destination ever since. Though the castle may not have ever been occupied by fairy tale royalty, it feels so enchanting that upcoming live-action remakes of Disney films should probably be filmed here. The castle is home to a legendary art collection, intricate architectural design, and stunning gardens, making it worth a tour for any storybook lover.

Up! House: Herriman, UT

Pixar movies may not always be fairy tales, but we couldn’t make a list of the best homes to visit without including the Up! House. This Utah home is almost an exact recreation of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen’s house from the family-favorite Disney-Pixar film “Up!” From the colorful exterior to the white picket fence, this home has nationwide visitors and neighborhood passersby wishing they could live there. The Up! House is worth a visit if you are ever road tripping through the western U.S. (or if you’re just a Pixar fanatic like us).

Normandy Inn: Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

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The Normandy Inn is probably where princesses would take their weekend getaways if they ever wanted to leave their Disney castles. This charming inn is available to visit for anyone passing through Carmel, but you can also pay to stay here overnight. Thatched roofs and blue-trimmed buildings make this seaside location feel like a cluster of U.K. cottages on the coast of California. Take a stroll through enchanting Carmel and be sure to pay this place a visit.

Ice Castles: Stillwater, MN

Image copyright Michelle Quattrin

Disney had us all wishing we could visit Arendelle when “Frozen” hit theaters in 2013. While we all may not be able to make it all the way to the Norwegian Fjords anytime soon, Arendelle may be closer than you think. The Ice Castles in Minnesota are so breathtaking, you would think they were magically created by Elsa herself. You can walk in a winter wonderland during the most magical time of year (and sing “Let it Go” as much as you please) when you buy tickets to this icy destination. Let us know if you run into the Snow Queen if you get the chance to visit this season.

Storybook Castle: Ellington, CT

Image copyright Storybook Castle

All of the destinations on this list are worth a visit, but if you are deciding which one to stay at, Storybook Castle may be our favorite. Who wouldn’t want to stay the night at an Airbnb with this name? Live out your ultimate fairytale dreams in this Connecticut home fit for a fictional character. It’s so beautiful, you may hardly believe it’s actually real.

Which of these dreamy destinations do you want to visit? Let us know where you would live out your fairytale fantasies in the comments!

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