At Home Imagineering: Nightmare Town – “Nightmare Before Christmas” inspired experience in AZ

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Arizona can expect snow on Christmas Eve. At least, that’s what Sandy Claws is bringing to one particular “Nightmare Before Christmas” themed Tempe home. Previously we’ve shared how one at home Imagineer created their own Haunted Mansion Holiday, now Nightmare Town comes to Arizona.

During the months of October, November, and December, Halloween and Christmas collide with colossal creativity at the Brown family’s residence. Grounds and home receive brilliant Burton style holiday disguises.

Jessica Brown and her husband Francis are huge Disney fans. Formerly a preschool teacher and children’s librarian, Jessica is a stay at home mom. She cares for the couple’s daughters (ages 5 and 1; a third is expected soon). Fran owns and manages a computer security company.  Prompted by their passion for the holidays, the Browns transform their Tempe, AZ, home into a Disney driven, seasonal spook-tacular.

We both love the Halloween and Christmas seasons as well as Disney. We have had even more fun each season now that we have kids to share it with and create magical memories with. We finally found our dream home in September of 2016 and knew we wanted to standout in the neighborhood and bring our neighborhood into our seasonal family traditions.” Jessica Brown

Design and installation of this impressive and imaginative incarnation is the craftmanship of a company called “Therascapes.” Working with the Brown family, a true whimsical nightmare town was conjured for their two-story home. Even their daughter’s playhouse participates.

Jessica advised, “We basically sat down with them and crafted up this monster house/Nightmare Before Christmas design and they built and installed everything. Each year we plan to get together with them to dream up the next season’s additions. We plan on adding something new every year until 10 years from now it’s enveloping our entire acre property!

Last year was our first year and my favorite items were the Tim Burton-esque figures they made of our family. They perfectly created my husband, 2 daughters and I and I cannot wait for them to add our newest daughter to next year’s plan. This year my favorite items are the new additions of the holiday doors. We noticed last year that the kids loved the interactive doorbell and knew we wanted to have a bigger interactive feature this year. Our 1-year-old AND 5-year-old both love opening the 4-holiday doors and pushing the red buttons every night! “

For 2018 a trio of treats was added to the display. Headless horseman, Fran’s favorite, a towering trio of jack-o-lanterns masquerading as a snowman, and series of four doorways (leading to other holiday lands) materialized, adding to the mesmerizing magic. Additional elements will arrive annually.

In celebration of their “Nightmare Before Christmas” inspired fiendish friends visit, Jessica and Fran opened the doors of their home (which is equally and impressively decked out) for an outrageous opening night party. On September 28th over 200 costumed guests were greeted with spirited songs from a Cadaver Dan inspired quartet.

Jessica and Fran have one more seasonal surprise set to arrive on December 24th: “Oh, and because we live in Arizona and I grew up in California going to the mountains in winter and my husband grew up in Philadelphia with many snow days at school, Santa delivers snow on Christmas eve each year to our front lawn. We love to go out Christmas morning singing “What’s This?” and watching our Arizona girls play in the snow!”

For anyone in the Tempe, Arizona area, Nightmare Town welcomes visitors to enjoy this enchanting experience. As the sun sets, an illuminating spell is cast over the property. Thus, exterior enhancements of the Brown’s home are at their boo-tiful best at dusk.

Fran and Jessica ask admirers to bring presents during their visits (unwrapped toy donations benefit domestic violence shelter Sojourner Center). Nightmare Town haunts 1001 E. El Freda, in the southern part of Tempe Arizona, through January 2nd.

If Arizona is too far for fans, visiting Nightmare Town is as easy as surfing the web and dropping in on their Facebook page.

Source and images: Jessica Brown, Halloween Christmas House Tempe Facebook Page, City of Tempe AZ

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