8 Napping newborns delightfully disguised as iconic Mickey Mouse characters

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With almost one hundred years of animated experience, Mickey Mouse has appeared in countless roles over the decades. Hero, intrepid adventurer, and perfect pal, the mouse who started an empire has just be upstaged by a group of endearing infants disguised as the mischievous mouse.

Babble and Belly Beautiful return for the third year of enchanting Disney newborn magic. Walt’s famous front mouse takes center stage in eight captivating professional portraits showcasing his diverse career.

With the assistance of Sew Trendy Accessories and Off My Hooks, Disney Karen Marie, is back for Babble with another installment adorably brilliant baby make-over images, Disney style. Adding to past photographic creations (Disney Princesses and Disney Villains), eight sleeping beauties pay tribute to Mickey Mouse in honor of his 90th Birthday. Cute costumed creations create cartoon classic characters of Mickey through the years.

All eight enchanting images feature napping newborns as various versions of Mickey Mouse as he appeared in animated adventures spanning his 90-year cartoon career:

  • “Steamboat Willie” – Mickey’s 1928 black and white sound cartoon introduction to the world.
  • “The Band Concert” – another first for the mous-ter of ceremonies – Mickey appears in color for the first time in 1935.
  • “Brave Little Tailor” – Giants are no match for this mighty Mouse during this 1938 cartoon short
  • “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” – “Fantasia” was Walt’s first stereo animated feature.  The 1940 film featured, of course, Mickey Mouse – this time as an apprentice to the mighty Yensid.
  • “Fun and Fancy Free” – Jack and the Beanstalk received a Disney adaptation in 1947
  • “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” – saw the infa-mouse rodent in the role of Bob Cratchit in the 1983 Dicken’s adaptation.
  • “The Prince and the Pauper” – In this 1990 cartoon, Mickey mouse played both parts (prince and pauper).
  • “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” – shows him in classic form as he hosted this 2006 Disney Channel series.

Former labor and delivery nurse Karen Marie turned a passion for photography into an experience for expectant moms and newborns with her Belly Beautiful portraits. Examples of her maternity magic and insanely adorable infant incarnations can be found on the Belly Beautiful website.

For all three series of sleeping Disney themed newborn images (princess, villain, Mickey), Karen teamed up with Disney owned baby-centric site, Babble. This one-stop wee-one website includes stories and insights relating to parenting, pregnancy, baby names, food, baby showers and more.

Source and images: babble, Belly Beautiful Portraits, YouTube

in Artwork, Disney, Entertainment, Movies, Television

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