Eerie images of “Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography”

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Joshua Hoffine has been haunting viewers with his horror images since 2003.  Work by this master of manipulator of light fueled fear for Halloween events and graced the pages of several spook themed magazines.

Available now, a magnificently macabre treasure tome of creatively creepy photographs celebrates Hoffine’s talent for terror.  Containing 180 pages of 12×12 horror images, this oversized overture of horror includes behind the scenes insight and brand-new work conjured up just for this volume.

Well recognized as a wizard of wickedly wonderful horror photography, Joshua Hoffine has been haunting fans with his eerie images of delightfully dark, detailed horror since 2003.  His spooky snapshots have appeared in fear fueled periodicals like “Famous Monsters of Filmland,” “Horror Hound,” “Rue Morgue,” “Fangoria.” Bush Gardens, for their Halloween event, Howl-O-Scream, hired Hoffine to cast his spell of spook.

Focusing on childhood terror is a trademark Joshua Hoffine has honed well.  Incorporating vividly vexing specially constructed environments, masterfully applied special effects makeup and professionally produced props, his images often depict subjects facing their worst fears.

“My role as a Horror photographer is to show you what you don’t want to see.

I stage my photo-shoots like small movies, with sets, costumes, elaborate props, fog machines, and SPFX makeup.  Everything is acted out live in front of the camera.

I believe that the Horror story is ultimately concerned with the imminence and randomness of death, and the implication that there is no certainty to existence.  The experience of Horror resides in this confrontation with uncertainty.  It tells us that our belief in security is delusional and that the monsters are all around us.”  – Joshua Hoffine

It was only natural for this master of the macabre to apply the same sinister style to cleverly craft a short fear fueled film.  2014’s “Black Lullaby,” pits a small child against a home invading monster.

“Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography” includes images created over 13 years (2003-2016).  Behind the scenes photos show elaborate set construction and offer a glimpse in to the creative process.

“Dark Regions Press presents ‘JOSHUA HOFFINE HORROR PHOTOGRAPHY’, an oversized 12″x12″ hardcover book of full-color images from renown Horror photographer Joshua Hoffine. As a pioneer in the subgenre of Horror photography, Joshua Hoffine is one of the most recognized photographers in the world. Notorious for using real children combined with theatrical sets and practical SPFX, his work has been featured in countless publications around the globe. This comprehensive volume collects all of his Horror photographs together for the first time. Spanning 13 years (2003 – 2016) this book includes rare behind-the-scenes photos and artist commentary. Two new photographs – NOSFERATU and DEVIL MUGSHOT – were created exclusively for this book.” – Amazon


As a photographer and fan of horror, this brilliant book of dark themed images was a pure delight.  Fans of haunted attractions shows like “Face-Off” and fantasy style photography should enjoy the horror masterpieces haunting this book of BOO!  I found the behind the scenes both informative and inspiring. -MG

“Joshua Hoffine Horror Photography” can be summoned online from Amazon.  This oversized coffee (or should that be coffin?) table tome is only available in print form.

$50 Amazon

Source and images: Joshua Hoffine website, Amazon

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