Hocus Pocus Halloween Boutique combines Harry Potter and Halloween at Roger’s Gardens

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With September now on the calendar and fall around the corner, the magic and wonder of Halloween-time begins its macabre march toward October 31st. One clear signal stating the start of this Spooktacular season is the amazingly impressive and immersive shopping experience found at Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, California.

On August 31st, “Hocus Pocus Halloween Boutique” materialized. Combining Halloween and Harry Potter, Roger’s Gardens cast their spell to reveal themed rooms filled with scores of fiendishly festive fall fun and devilishly detailed décor.

As fall lurks around the corner and the ‘ber months make their way onto calendars, there is no more perfect place to get into the spirit of the season than a visit to Roger’s Gardens. The massive home and garden center is known for its unique and creative assortment of home furnishings, gardening gear, gourmet food and impressive Halloween and Christmas merchandise displays.

For Halloween 2018, “Hocus Pocus Halloween Boutique” casts its spell with 5 different Harry Potter themed rooms overflowing with incredible Halloween decor. In addition to “Dumbledore’s Study,” “Herbology Greenhouse,” “Myrtle’s Bathroom,” “Potions Classroom,” and “The Great Hall” rooms, the entry into this portal of magical merchandise entices visitors via a Hogwarts Castle facade. Passing through this tunnel, would-be-wizards and muggles are greeted with a large suit of armor.

“Wander the corridors of a most magical school where witches and wizards learn their craft. Prospective students are invited to tour the castle. Explore the Headmaster’s Study, a room filled with curiosities and antiquities. Discover where novice witches and wizards study in the Potions classroom, be sure not to tamper with their mysterious experiments. Who knows what mythical creatures are lurking in the cabinets. Students wishing to learn about the magical properties of plants can visit the Greenhouse Conservatory where rare and unusual specimens are cultivated.

Each of the many rooms in this castle is filled with enchanted objects and décor to fill your home with the spirit of Halloween. Visit Roger’s Gardens this Halloween season and surround yourself in a world of magic.” -Roger’s Gardens Website

Hocus Pocus Halloween Boutique” expertly crafts amazing Harry Potter themes to display delightfully dark Halloween merchandise (including many wonders from the Wizarding World itself).

For those who are unable to aparate, use the floo network or otherwise visit Rogers’s Gardens, several items from their “Hocus Pocus Halloween Boutique” can be obtained online:

Flying White Owl ($59.00)

Mini Into the Woods Pumpkin ($34.99)

Frick/Frack LED Candlestick ($49.99)

Gargoyle on Tombstone ($129.00)

D & B Traveling Gentleman ($129.00)

Manor House ($199.00)

Roger’s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road in Corona del Mar, California. They are open daily from 9am to 6pm. Visit their website to explore the many different boutiques and experiences, including the Farmhouse restaurant.

Source and images: Roger’s Gardens website, Facebook, and YouTube pages

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