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It’s well known that magic manifests at the command of wands, spells or potions. However, Target has cast their own spell with an enchanting Harry Potter collection of goodies. We’ve conjured up 15 of these Wizarding World Wonders below.

This wonderful wizarding assortment includes Wizarding World themed sheets and quilts, pillows and lamps. Additional delightful décor materializes by way of posters and banners – perfect for planning that Potter powered bedroom or office!

Common Room Comforts

Harry Potter Sheet Set

White sheets with grey Hogwarts “H” and color matched house mascots (maroon Gryffindor lion, yellow Hufflepuff badger, blue Ravenclaw raven, and green Slytherin snake). Each set comes with a fitted and a flat sheet. Twin bed sets have one pillowcase while Full and Queen sheets come with two.

Sheet Set Twin ($21.99) Full ($29.99) Queen ($34.99)

Harry Potter Quilt Set

Grey on heather grey Hogwarts crest adorns one side of this comfy quilt. House colors/mascots decorate the reverse side. Full/Queen sets include a pair of maroon “H” letters centered on four alternating grey and white squares (Twin set is limited to one pillow sham).

Quilt Set Twin ($39.99) Full/Queen ($49.99)

Harry Potter Throw Pillow

Shimmering black and white “scales” depict Harry’s glasses and lightning bolt scar on one side. Flip over this 15” x 15” pillow to reveal a Platform 9 ¾ sign.

Throw Pillow $19.99

Harry Potter Hogwarts Floor Pillow

Leather-like brown polyester surrounds this soft 13-inch cube. On each of the four sides, house crests are proudly displayed, with the Hogwarts crest attached on top.

Hogwarts Floor Pillow $24.99

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mascots Storage Bin

On every side of this 13-inch cube fabric bin, each house mascot appears in their house color. Ideal for use with cube shelving units.

Hogwarts Mascots Storage Bin $19.99

Harry Potter Storage Trunk

Adorned with “travel stickers” from around this wizarding world, this 6x14x6 inch trunk is ready for miscellaneous magical item storage.

Storage Trunk $14.99

Harry Potter Ceramic Bank – Hogwarts Express

Familiar round sign of Platform 9 ¾ rests atop a rectangular “Hogwarts Express” sign to form this 8.5x7x3.5-inch ceramic bank.

Ceramic Bank – Hogwarts Express $12.99


Enchanted Enlightened Objects

Tri-Wizard Cup Lamp

Silver-tone with clear “etched glass” accents, this battery powered (3xAA) lamp stands 12 inches tall. The low watt bulb (0.1 watts) is permanently attached and illuminates both the cup and stem of this magical treasure.

Tri-Wizard Cup Lamp $24.99

Harry Potter Gold Mirror of Erised

This miniature version of the magic mirror measures almost 21 inches tall and 4.6 inches wide. Erised can be displayed freestanding (a stand is attached to the back) or on the wall via the sturdy, centered hook on back.

Gold Mirror of Erised $29.99

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Black/White

Representing the Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone and Invisibility Cloak, symbols on this triangle-shaped lamp combine to signify the Deathly Hallows. Battery operated LED 0.1 (permanently attached) bulb provides illumination for this symbolic lamp.

Deathly Hallows Black/White $24.99


Signs of Magic

Harry Potter Wand Wall Art

Depicting components which make up Harry Potter’s magic wand, this shadow box framed blueprint image measures 18 x 14 inches.

Wand Wall Art $17.99

Harry Potter 4pc Hogwarts House Pennants

Whip up Quidditch spirit with these house banners. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor are each represented in colorful cloth 60-inch banners.

Harry Potter 4pc Hogwarts House Pennants $14.99

Harry Potter Posters

From Marauder’s Map to Hogwarts crest, these large 34” x 22.38” posters are perfect for any Potter planned room.

Marauders Map Poster $7.99

Deathly Hallows Poster $6.69

Hogwarts Crest Poster $6.99

Wizarding World posters, pennants, lamps, pillows, storage and bedding are just a few of the magical items Target has conjured up for their Harry Potter Collection. Books, toys and Target exclusives (including Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts Castle LEGO sets) can be found by pointing your screen to the Target website or taking a pinch of Floo powder and dropping it at your local Target store.

Source and images: Target

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