At Home Imagineering: enchanting Disney Princess bedroom

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Using easily available tech, a bit of elbow grease and determination, Lyle Coram conjured up the most amazing Disney Princess bedroom for his daughter! Once the pixie dust settled, night time “skies” manage to magically manifest stunning firework and weather displays.

Overhead fantasy fireworks fulfilled only part of this at home imagineering feat. This royal room received its very own castle, complete with its own magic mirror!

Nevada resident Lyle Coram could easily take the prize for the best dad ever! The experienced stagehand transformed his daughter’s room into a Disney Princess paradise. From fiber optic stars in the ceiling, ambient border lighting and projection magic, this enchanting escape renders floating lanterns, lightning storms, snow, space scenes and fantastic fireworks from a mini media player and digital projector hidden near the ceiling.

Not stopping with pixie dust powered projection pyrotechnics, this bedazzled bedchamber comes complete with own magic mirror equipped castle.

Making the Magic

Coram compiled a chronicle of his creative process for those who wish to emulate the experience. Using stock items like the Atmos FX Digital Decorating Kit ($199 from Amazon), USB drive loaded with digital effects ($35 on Ebay), mini media player ($39 from Amazon), LED light kits ($11.89 on Ebay) and a fiber optic star ceiling kit ($168.90 from Pegasus Lighting) along with paint and patience, the spectacular ceiling can be crafted.

Atmos Digital Decoration Kit

Crenova Media Player

Found on Amazon, the Jumbo Princess Palace Playhouse provides a perfect centerpiece.  Within this wondrous pink wonder rests an animated magic mirror. The castle ($799.99 from Amazon) stands 98.5 inches tall and has a 58×78 inch footprint. Directions for manufacturing magic mirror magic may be found on YouTube.

Princess Castle Playset

Additional ancient amusements

Lyle Coram’s craftiness didn’t end with the completion of his daughter’s Disney Princess bedroom. Just outside the family’s living room, giant beasts once again roam the earth. Dinosaurs pass by just outside the room’s sliding glass door and large windows. Some take a moment or two to peer inside, including a giant ominous T-Rex.

Preparing primeval performances

For the living room effect, a digital projector delivers these diverse dino-delights. “Dinosaur Encounter” from Atmos FX conveys the content. Available as a full package of perilous prehistoric pandemonium or as individual terrors, these menacing monsters materialize wherever needed (projected on a wall, or window or on a large flat screen TV). Find the video files (digital download) at Amos FX website for a cost of $7.99 per scene or $34.99 for all eight.  Projecting on a window requires special projection material ($39.99 on Amazon).

Dinosaurs and Disney Princess inspired projection projects to power the Coram family’s home in Nevada. This kind of amazing “at home Imagineering” inspires themed decorating, especially with readily available tools of the trade easily obtainable online.

Source and images: YouTube, Amazon, Atmos FX

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