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Designing Disney inspired bedroom creations has never been easier, thanks to Rooms to Go Kids. With magical themes for boys and girls, furniture for themed rooms is a cinch.

Rooms to Go Kids features three different Disney styles. Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” hits the tarmac with racer shaped beds, “Star Wars” selections from both the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire swoops in from hyperspace and the Disney Princess collection may just put fairy godmothers out of business.

Enchanting Royal Princess Bedroom sets

Princess powered bedrooms hold court in 5 different styles at Rooms to Go.  Standard and sleigh beds hold court in both silver and white while the crown jewel, Carriage bedroom suite casts its spell with a full canopy.

Disney Cinderella Carriage Collection

This set comes complete with twin carriage bed (scroll frame and tent canopy), oversized six drawer dresser, and matching oval mirror.

Twin Carriage Bedroom Silver $1,080

Twin Carriage Bedroom gold tone metal (white furniture) $999

Disney Princess Poster Bedroom sets come in silver or white.  These include a three-piece poster bed (twin or full-sized), six drawer dresser and oval mirror.  Optional trundle drawer, chest, bookcase, desk chair, changing set, vanity desk (with or without hutch) is also offered at an additional cost.

White Poster Bedroom Twin $999.99; Full Size $1099.99

Silver Poster Bedroom Twin $1179.99; Full Size $1279.99

Disney Princess Sleigh Bedroom sets also are available in silver or white.  These, include a three-piece sleigh bed (twin or full sized), six drawer dresser and oval mirror.  Optional trundle drawer/bed, chest, bookcase, desk chair, changing set, vanity desk (with or without hutch) is also offered at an additional cost.

Twin-sized Silver Sleigh Bedroom Set $1279.99; Full Size $1379.99

Twin-sized White Sleigh Bedroom Set $1399.99; Full Size $1499.99

Out of this world “Star Wars” bedroom pieces

Transforming children’s rooms into out of this world environments gained a new ally.  Rooms to Go offers several stellar selections for “Star Wars” themed fun.

Rebel Alliance ships help bring dreams of a galaxy far, far away.

Millennium Falcon Bookcase Bed

Smuggle cargo and get a good night’s sleep!  Available from Rooms to Go, in both full and twin size, this dreamy Corellian YT-1300 famous freighter is smart device ready. Bluetooth enabled stereo speakers, USB charging ports and tablet holder ensure bedside entertainment is easily accessible.

Twin Bed $599.99 (Full Size available for $100 more)

TIE fighters approach from the Death Star at the head of this bookcase bed which features a view from the Falcon’s cockpit.  Adjustable (remote control included) lighting accents the “Carbonite” shelving. Recessed side shelves on either side of the headboard make smuggling a synch.

X-Wing Fighter Bookcase Bed

Flying in with several different configurations (left, right or double), this workhorse of the Rebel Alliance is ready to do battle with insomnia.  Either as a single twin bookcase bed or grab one of each (Left/Right) for a matching side-by-side set, both variations have room for an optional under-bed trundle ($249.99) drawer for storage. Ready for action, bookcase style headboard (fashioned from space between the X-wing’s spoilers, locked in attack position).  Either on the right or left, the side of this spiffy space-craft sleeper sports a side view of the iconic Rebel fighter.

Single Bed $488.00

Side by Side (left and right beds shown together)

Additional accents are also available.  R2-D2, Resistance, and BB-8 area rugs (3′ x 5′) will set fans back and extra $69.99 each.

The might of Imperial forces technology ensures a well-appointed room.

AT-AT Walker Bunk Bed

March across snow dusted plains of Hoth on the way to dreamland.  Topped with tent-like canopy resembling the body of this mighty troop transport, this twin-sized bunk bed hides protective railing behind a top bunk to floor drape depicting AT-AT powerful marching legs.  Entryway into the upper bunk/walker body is accessed via an attached ladder.

Twin Bunk Beds $599.99

TIE Fighter Desk

Planning an attack on Rebel forces or mastering homework from behind this TIE Fighter shaped desk is easily accomplished.  Between the twin “Carbonite” wing panels a tempered glass desktop leaves plenty of desktop space for laying out battle plans.

TIE Fighter Desk $399.99


Pixar Powered Sleep Stations

Rooms to Go sports a trio of “Disney/Pixar Cars” sleek race car twin beds that are sure to inspire dreams of winning the big race.  Each nap-time ready racer includes a set of small storage shelves under the hood (at the foot of the bed).  Three styles, each costing $244.00, circle the track:

Disney Cars Jackson Storm Blue

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Red

Disney Cars Cruz Ramirez Yellow


Lightning McQueen also zooms in with a deluxe version that includes trundle storage:

Lightning McQueen Twin Bed with Trundle Storage $699.99

Hit the finish line and complete the “Disney/Pixar Cars 2” look with a Lightning McQueen recliner.

The blue and red child-sized (25W x 24D x 28H) recliner retails for $129.99

Whether racing to bed, zipping through hyperspace towards dreamland or taking a  royal nap, the “Cars,” “Star Wars,” and Disney Princess bedroom sets from Rooms to Go Kids can power imaginations and serve as the perfect starting point for a bit of at home Imagineering.

Source and images: Rooms to Go Kids

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