Mixy Mouse – 16 Toe-Tapping Disney Song Covers

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Music makes the world go around, or so it is said.  Add in pixie dust, music makes the magic even more magnificent when it comes to all things Disney.  With scores (pun intended) of note-worthy audio accompanying Disney moves and attractions, there’s a tune for everyone.  Disney song covers extend that magic even further.

With what seems like at least 999 grim grinning grooves for the Haunted Mansion and more than a handful of head-banging rock renditions of Disney melodies, covering Disney related records is not uncommon.  Below we’ve stacked the spindle with 16 Mickey Mouse march-worthy variations.

Johnathan Young has a virtual library full of fiendishly fun favorites on his YouTube Channel.  In addition to his cover of “Let It Go,” which we shared last year, and the above pop-rock cover of Disney’s “DuckTales” theme, Young proves his passion for rocking the Mouse with these creative Disney song covers:

1. This Metal music from “Moana” shows just how Shiny Jonathan Young’s creative chords can be.

2. A passionate and powerful performance of “Hellfire” from “Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame” gets a glorious metal makeover.

3. Additional “Hunchback of Notre Dame” metal magic materializes with this cover “Bells of Notre Dame.”  With the assistance of Caleb Hyles, Young delivers a deliciously dark performance for this Disney cover.

Want more rock and roll reimaginations from Jonathan Young?  A full CD worth of metal and more can be found on the album “Young Does Disney 2” from Amazon.

Postmodern Jukebox has gained glory covering pop music.  Sensational songs like “Careless Whisper” and “Every Breath You Take,” and dozens more, have received sound style rearrangements transforming into jazz, gospel, 50′ rock and more.

4. Playing the piano in this video, Scott Bradley brings his Disney side with this jazzy cover from “Toy Story.”  “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” sees a smooth silky sound style showcasing Casey Abrams’s amazing voice and bass brilliance.  I-Tunes/Apple Music is the only place to grab this “Toy Story” tune.

5. Keeping the jazz juice flowing, Aubrey Logan joins Postmodern Jukebox for playful performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” Their CD “New Gramophone, Who Dis?” includes this swinging selection; find it on Amazon.

6. “Colors of the Wind” completes this Postmodern Jukebox jazz tour.  Highlighting the high notes of Mario Jose, this Disney cover gives “Pocahontas” a new 70’s soul sound. Find this on the “Jazz Me Outside 2” CD from Amazon.

Central Florida’s own a cappella group Voctave vocalizing Disney song covers is a natural.  Living next door to the Mouse means their music is truly magical.

7. From the album “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street, this royal remix is about as Disney as it comes.  “Princess Medley” mixes more than a few familiar favorites.

8. Marrying “Poor Unfortunate Souls” with “I Put a Spell on You” is the perfect preview for the upcoming Halloween season.

9. While Tim Burton’s live action version of “Dumbo,” may still be months away, Voctave vibes their own style to the classic cartoon. Featuring Sarah Whittemore, this Mother’s Day salute cover of “Baby Mine” truly touches the heart.

All three of these vocal mousterpieces can be found on Voctave’s album “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street.” Amazon sell this and other a cappella audio from Voctave.

Mesmerizing music videos, like their cover of Grim Grinning Ghosts, bring meaning to the group’s name: VoicePlay. Also hailing from Central Florida (Winter Park), Voice Play delivers Disney song covers with whimsical wonder.

10. Haunting and somewhat surprising, “Once Upon a Dream” from “Sleeping Beauty” and “Maleficent” is best enjoyed when wearing ear buds or headphones.  This sinister single can be found on iTunes.

11. Jack Skellington and his Halloween Town friends would find this haunting holiday number enjoyable. From “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” this enlightening video transforms “What’s This?” in a most peculiar way.

12. Polynesian peppiness from this “Moana Medley” mixes six songs from the animated movie.  “Where You Are,” “How Far I’ll Go,” “You’re Welcome,” “Shiney,” “Know Who You Are,” and “We Know the Way” receive an a capella arragement.  iTunes sella this Rachel Potter-powered single.

Bagpipes do not normally come to mind when thinking of dubstep.  However, The Snake Charmer pull this odd combination off with stunning style.

13. The force is strong with their violin, synthesizer and, of course bagpipe “Star Wars Theme.” Find this hyperspace happiness on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

Even Disney delivers delightful diversions from their own musical material.  When turning to science, song surrenders to spoken word for a mirthful maritime musing.  Further fun is found from the mouths of Animal and Sgt. Floyd Pepper.

14. With a dramatic reading of “A Pirate’s Life for Me,” pirate popularity meets Muppet madness.  Bunsen and Beaker break down in tears as they share their interpretation the Disney dark ride theme song.

15. Proving poetry can be problematic, “It’s a Small World” is brilliantly broken down (ride stop spiel not included) by members of the Electric Mayhem.

Finally, this fitting farewell from DaVinci’s Notebook.  Though not a specifally a Disney song cover, this novelty group delivers a Disney worthy spiritual send off.

16. Found on their album “The Life and Times of Mike Fanning” (available on Amazon), “Kingdom in the Sky” shows the splendor of Walt Disney World in an entirely new setting. No offense is intended (to any denomination) with this church choir comedy.

Heavy metal, rock, jazz, instrument free a capella and even Muppet made madness of spoken word, show that whatever the style, Mouse managed melodies make magical alternative audio amazement. Tuning into any of these 16 Disney song covers can breathe new life into old favorites.

Source and images: YouTube, Amazon

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