PHOTOS: 25-foot Jeff Goldblum statue appears in London for 25th anniversary of “Jurassic Park”

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Jurassic Park” arrived in theaters 25 years ago, and in addition to bringing dinosaurs back to life, the movie gave us the perfectly meme-able image of a nearly-shirtless Jeff Goldblum reclining after being chased by a T. rex. Now, a 25-foot statue dubbed JurassicJeff has appeared in London to pay homage to the classic movie moment.

To celebrate the anniversary of “Jurassic Park,” NOW TV placed the giant Jeff Goldblum statue in Potters Fields Park near the Tower Bridge. For a limited time, fans can snap photos in front of the 330 lb statue with one of London’s most famous landmarks in the background.

For reference, here’s the magic moment that inspired the JurassicJeff installation:


According to Entertainment Weekly, the statue will be on display until July 26.

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