VIDEO: Slinky Dog Dash takes guests to Andy’s backyard for twist around curves, hills and drops at Walt Disney World

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The new Slinky Dog Dash coaster at Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios lets guests to Walt Disney World soar around Andy’s backyard on a family-friendly coaster as Slinky Dog’s coils twist around curves, hills, and drops.

Slinky Dog Dash officially opens with Toy Story Land this Saturday, June 30, and to prepare you for your first visit to the new land, we’re giving you a look at this brand new attraction. Developed specifically for this new land, this attraction was inspired by a children’s coaster toy play set which Andy enhanced himself by adding his beloved Slinky Dog toy as its coaster.


Upon walking up to this attraction guests can immediately be taken aback by all of its incredible design elements. The marquee is pieced together with tape, building blocks, Tinkertoys and a piece of the ride’s track. The sign for the attraction is made from a piece of notebook paper with the words “Slinky Dog” written in color pencil and a sketched Slinky Dog around it. The word “Dash” was cut from another toy box and taped next to the words “Slinky Dog” on the marquee.

As visitors make their way into the queue they can take in sights of loose ride tracks, more Tinkertoys, coloring books, crayon boxes, army men, Slinky Dog drawings, liquid glue and other items one might find around a child’s bedroom. All of these elements come together to visually enhance the look and feel of the waiting area. They also make guests feel even more like a toy who has come to life, as everything is over-sized to give visitors the illusion they’re on the same scale as their pals Buzz and Woody.

The ride platform is another sight to take in all by itself as its design is jam packed with so many elements. In fact, you may have to go through the queue and wait at the platform several times to really take in all of its little details. As you come around the corner of the queue you immediately take in the sights of a Yahtzee game box, Crayon drawn plans of the Slinky Dog attraction, more building blocks, books and a Slinky Dog-Gone Wrong Board Game box and its accompanying game board, all of which make up the main structure of the ride platform.

As someone who has experienced the attraction now twice, I can honestly say Slinky Dog Dash is a fun ride. As the ride exits the loading platform you are immediately shot onto the track where you start your journey around a decent portion of the land. There are no upside-down inversions on the ride, but it is still a fun coaster that takes you around fast curves, up hills, and down a few drops. My two favorite parts of the attraction have to be the power booster, where the ride momentarily pauses before you are shot through four loops, and the upward hill toward the end of the attraction, which gives you incredible views of the land.

Throughout the attraction, you can also see some of your favorite friends from the “Toy Story” films including Jessie, Rex, Wheezy the Penguin and his jukebox.

Be sure to check out this experience for yourself on Saturday, June 30, when it officially opens to the public at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. For more information, visit the official website.

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