VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds sings while dressed as a unicorn to promote “Deadpool 2”

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

You have to be a little bit out there to play Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds certainly fits that mold. So when the opportunity presented itself to go on a South Korean game show dressed as a unicorn and sing in front of a live audience to promote “Deadpool 2,” Reynolds didn’t hesitate.

“King of Mask Singer” is a game show in which celebrities put on masks to conceal their identities while they compete in a sing off. Reynolds dressed as a unicorn and performed the song “Tomorrow” from the film “Annie.”


Reynolds never ceases to amaze in his extraordinary efforts to promote “Deadpool 2,” even if it means going all the way around the world to sing on a game show dressed as a rainbow-maned mystical horse-creature.

You can see Reynolds put on a very different costume when the highly-anticipated “Deadpool 2” slices and dices its way into theaters May 18.

Source: IGN

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