VIDEO: Startups attempt elevator pitches in Tower of Terror for new program at Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris has launched The Castle Hub, a new program that puts startups in touch with Disneyland Paris teams as a new way to innovate and to improve employees’ and customers’ experiences.

The challenge facing the first batch of startups was a simple elevator pitch. Only, they didn’t use your every day elevator. Instead, the startups had to give their pitches while riding the Tower of Terror.


Eight startups were chosen to attempt to deliver their pitches: Bear, Point in the city, Spoon, Destygo, Postmii, Wakatoon, Moodme, Aglaé.

These companies attempted to pitch their ideas while being jostled and flung about by the thrill ride, with the hopes of seeing their solutions implemented into Disneyland Paris.

In the end, Algaé took home the first prize for its magic serum which creates a luminescent plant experience, while Wakatoon got the judges’ choice for their coloring books that become personalized cartoons.

For more information on Disneyland Paris’ Castle Hub, visit the program’s official website.

Source: The Castle Hub

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