Prepare for prehistoric pandemonium with these “Jurassic World” dinosaur disguises

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It is not clear if this falls under “just because you CAN do a thing, SHOULD it be done,” or if these are pretty cool.  Either way, Entertainment Earth has you covered if dressing up like a dinosaur is your thing.

With “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” due in theaters soon, these fiendishly fun dino-disguises deliver the perfect dress-up diversion.  Manufactured by Rubies, there’s a primeval pair of latex masks along with a quartet of air-filled, full body costumes. All are ready for fearsome fun (please roar responsibly).

Entertainment Earth managed to dig up these dino delights for pre-order. Delivery should arrive close to the June release date of the latest reptile rampaging chapter of the Jurassic World series: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”

Masked Mischief

Among the prehistoric possibilities is a pair of detailed latex, over the head masks.

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Blue Overhead Latex Mask

“Don’t just admire the dinosaurs – be one! Straight out of the sci-fi adventure film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this latex Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Blue Overhead Mask lets you take on the guise of Blue the Velociraptor.” – Entertainment Earth

$56.99 Pre-order via Entertainment Earth (available June 2018)

“Jurassic World” Dinosaur Overhead Latex Mask

Inspired by the film “Jurassic World” and created for fans ages 10 and up, this mighty mask measures almost a foot wide and is 19 inches long.

$56.99  Available now from Entertainment Earth

Air-filled Fearsome Fun

Inflated for maximum impact or amusing antics, four fearsome full-body cleverly cool costumes transform fans into oversized reptiles ready for action.

 “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Blue Inflatable Costume

As an air-filled bodysuit, Blue the Velociraptor costume offers the opportunity to become one of the fierce creatures.  The fiendish figure is maintained by a battery operated fan.

$69.99 Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Pteranodon Inflatable Costume

Pretend to be a fearsome flying fiend from Jurassic World while disguised in this inflatable full-body costume.

$69.99 Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth
(note: this costume is not expected to ship until August)

“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” Triceratops Inflatable Costume

Ballooning to 114 inches long and 84 inches tall, this triple horned, four-legged creature is ready to rumble.  Powered by a pair of battery operated fans, Triceratops stands on all four legs but is a single person prehistoric disguise.

$115.99 Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth (shipping in August)

“Jurassic World” T-Rex Air-Blown Adult Costume

This tiny armed, inflated dinosaur costume makes a May arrival to Entertainment Earth.  You may have the roaring reptile wreaking havoc in various viral videos.  Now is your chance to create your own chaos.

$79.99 Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth

Whether preparing prehistoric pandemonium or aspiring to air-blown costumed antics, these “Jurassic World” clever costumes are destined to deliver full-scale fun. Give Godzilla a run for his money and dig up your own dinosaur disguise from Entertainment Earth.

Source and images: Entertainment Earth, ITM Archives

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