PHOTOS: Magical mash-ups: expertly fan-crafted character crossovers

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What if Disney animated characters could be a part of our world? What would they do? How would they fit in? One amazing artist may have found the answer to these questions and more.

Indonesian artist Andhika Muksin has a fine-tuned talent for creatively crafting Disney characters in “real world” situations. From villainous variations to perfect princess placements, his designs can be deliciously dark to wonderfully whimsical.

A fan of Disney animation since receiving a copy of Alice in Wonderland for his seventh birthday, Andhika Muksin has taken his Disney devotion a step further than most. Using his superb skills with Photoshop, Mr. Muksin manages to turn animated magic into “real-life” amusement.

For example, this promotional image from “American Horror Story: Coven” showcases Maleficent’s magical malevolence after receiving a Photoshop treatment by Mr. Muksin.

Taking cues from pop culture, horror, and everyday life, well known Disney characters show up in delightfully diverse situations. Sinister scenes from iconic horror movies, reality television shows, and even theme park moments may find themselves transformed into clever cartoon creations.

Frozen treat

“Sleeping Beauty” meets “Guardians of the Galaxy” in this clever crossover:

Woody and Bo Peep appear to be taking a casual stroll:

“American Idol” appears to have a new, and more demanding judge:

“Mean Girls” meet Disney Princesses:

Comic Crossovers

Both Marvel and DC comics combine with Disney characters. From Dr. Strange appearing as Jafar, to Ariel meeting (a statue of) Aquaman, familiar faces form fun fascinations.

Hilarious Horror

Geppetto learns a lesson in taking care when making a wish, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum find themselves in a shining example of creepy cool crossover craftsmanship and Aurora does not have a pleasant prom experience.

Over the past two years, Muksin has been crafting his cartoon mash-ups as a form of after work relaxation. His artistry is not limited to just Disney inspired incarnation, Mattel’s Barbie, Archie comics and anime have all received Muksin’s magical treatments.

Talent and imaginative playfulness mark Muksin’s magical mash-ups. His life-long passion for Disney characters and Photoshop image manipulation skills produce delightfully fun and diverse works of art.

Be sure to check out his Instagram and Facebook pages for even more examples of this unique artist’s masterpieces.

Source and images: Anhika Muksin’s Facebook and Instagram pages, Business Insider

in Artwork, Disney, Entertainment, Marvel, Movies, Television, What If

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