Mother’s Day Moments: 7 scenes from Disney Animated Features

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The arrival of May welcomes spring and warmer days.  During this mid-year month, memorials (in honor of US service men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for their country) and Mother’s Day tributes to Moms take center stage as celebrated holidays.

As Mother’s Day arrives this weekend, we offer this collection of seven scenes from Walt Disney Studios in celebration of the day.  Mother’s Day moments that are not only touching but remind us of how much mom means to us.

1. “Dumbo”

When it comes to Mother’s Day and Disney, this heartwarming scene from Disney’s animated feature, “Dumbo” best exemplifies a mother’s love for her children.

2. “Brave”

Mother and daughter relationships are a balance of give and take.  The bond between these two is significant in these scenes showing Merida and her mom interacting.

3. “The Lion King”

In this scene from the “The Lion King,” Simba and Nala’s mothers, after bath time, balance permission with caution.

4. “Lady and the Tramp”

Lady learns a lullaby and just what a baby is.  Her curiosity discovers Darling’s love for the newborn that seems to have all the attention.

5. “Piglet’s Big Movie”

Piglet experiences Kanga’s motherly intuition in this bath time scene from “Piglet’s Big Movie.”

6. “Bambi”

Its often said that our departed loved ones visit us in dreams. Here, Bambi reunites with his mother in this touching animated sequence.

7. “Toy Story”

Growing up and leaving home is not always easy. Andy’s Mother tears up as her son prepares to depart for college.

Infamous for pulling on heartstrings with touching, tender moments within their animated mousterpieces, the Walt Disney Studios has been teaching us about mom for decades.  These seven scenes of motherly moments are but a few examples of Mother’s Day magic.

From all of us at Inside the Magic, to all the moms reading, Happy Mother’s Day!

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