Little Nightmares: 9 “Nightmare Before Christmas” fiendish finds for your family

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Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” was first released, with uncertainty, under Disney’s Touchstone label.  Now Jack, Sally and the residents of Halloween Town are very much a part of the Walt Disney Company family.

The popular stop-motion animation classic has been delighting fans since 1993.  Many of those fans now have families (or grandchildren) of their own.  ITM has unearthed nine “Nightmare Before Christmas” selections suitable for the little nightmares within those happy Halloween Town families.

Animated Attire

Cute costumes and fiendishly fun clothing are a perfect way to proclaim the family’s admiration for “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

1. & 2. These Jack and Sally infant costumes don’t need to be restricted to being worn on Halloween.  Dress up time may also appropriate for family photos and company.

Jack $29.99 from Amazon

Sally $14.85 from Amazon

3. The only thing missing from a toddler wearing this adorable frog’s breaths dress might be the addition of a big spoon with holes in it.

$22.99 from Amazon

4. Naptime and/or bedtime can be a challenge with the little ones.  Embrace the effort with this Nightmare Before Bedtime parody shirt.

$17.95 from Amazon

Additional Accoutrements

Nothing says, “there are few who deny at what I do I am the best,” than these additional Nightmare-inspired items.

5. Toddler Pumpkin King Plush

Bringing Jack into the playpen or crib is a great way to introduce a child to the whimsical wonders of “Nightmare Before Christmas.”  This super cute Pumpkin King plush should do the trick.

$8.17 from Amazon


6. Decorate your little nightmare’s room with a large Jack Skellington decal.

$ 3.50 Amazon

7. A nice friendly Jack Skellington blanket might just make that difficult naptime a bit easier.

$20.07 from Amazon

8. Adding a bit of Nightmare-ish fun to mealtime, this three-piece dinnerware set allows Jack and Sally to join in the feeding fun.

$22.99 from Amazon

9. Finally, this Baby Rockstar CD of familiar “Nightmare Before Christmas” lullabies can create the perfect kid-friendly nap or playtime ambiance.

$11.99 from Amazon

For family fans of “Nightmare Before Christmas,” these 9 Halloween Town inspired items for little nightmares can be a ghoulishly great way to introduce young ones to the fanciful realm created by Tim Burton.   From naptime to story time and playtime in between, meeting Jack, Sally, and their friends is the perfect non-scary way to bring new family members into the “Nightmare Before Christmas” adventure.

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