25 wonderful whimsical ways to be a wizard

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Universal Studios’ theme parks have, without doubt, struck gold with their magically immersive and equally impressive Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park experiences.  Over the top, delightful details combined with interactive elements have managed delighted fans and made muggles into masters of magic.

Accompanying this delightful diversion into J.K. Rowland’s realm is a host of magic merchandise.  From wands to robes and everything in between, all the spellbinding supplies for becoming a witch or wizard are readily available to make muggle money vanish from purses and wallets.  As not every would-be Hogwarts student can find their way into the wonderful Wizarding World, we’ve assembled a list of essential gear that can be obtained with a few clicks of the mouse.

Acceptance into the realm of magic:

As a proud parent or friend of a passionate fan, adding an acceptance letter to any of the whimsical wizarding wonders below, as a gift, turns a terrific treasure into an exciting enchantment.

Dressing the part

Robes, scarves, school uniforms, and sports attire are easily found within the splendid shops at Universal Studios theme parks.  However, if the floo powder is gone and apparition is not an option, then try these links:

Robes, an essential garment worn by witches and wizards, young and old, come in many different styles.

1. Adult  $102.77

2. Dumbledore $120.99

3. McGonnigal $99.99

Child Sized $90.00


From character specific looks to student styles, hats help complete the costume.

5. McGgonnagal $19.99

6. Dumbledore $24.99

7. Student $16.82

Uniforms: Like most private schools, Hogwarts did require students to wear a school uniform along with their robes.

8. Girls Shirt $7.97

9. Vest $19.90

10. Ties $17.50

Quidditch Robes and accompanying gear are a must for any student wanting to participate in this popular sport.

11. Robes $27.50

12. Protective Gear $20.98

Random Requirements: here are a few extras to complete a particular character’s look.

13. Harry Potter Glasses $8.95

14. Harry Potter Scar $5.99

15. Dark Mark Tattoo $4.99

Accio Accessories

Once the base costume is established, embellish the excitement with magical must-haves like wands, enchanted items, and other essential extras for total transformation from muggle to magical.

Wands a must have for setting off spectacular spells.

16. Harry Potter Wand $37.50

17. Hermione Granger Wand $37.50

18. Dumbledore Wand$37.50

Spellbinding Sporting Supplies, to master the art of quidditch one needs the proper game gear.

19. Golden Snitch $4.32

20. Quaffle Bludgers and Book $ 22.44

21. Harry Potter Broom $22.55

More Magical Items

From the temporal trinket to cursed talisman, these magical items inspire imaginative interaction and creative cosplay.

22. Time Turner Necklace $6.89

23. Delumintor $49.00

24. Horcrux Ring $12.95

25. Marauder’s Map $29.49

Short of stopping by any of the various Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed experiences at Universal Studios’ theme parks, the above Amazon links offer a mere 25 spellbinding suggestions for any would-be witch or wizard. Hopefully these potential potions for pretend have provided a positive starting point. There are cauldrons full off additional magical merchandise for almost any character imagined (or dive into the cauldron of creativity and conjure up your own Hogwarts persona).

Source and images: Amazon, Michael Gavin

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