VIDEO: Alien Pizza Planet “Toy Story”-themed restaurant opens for Pixar Fest celebration at Disneyland

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Ever since Disney/Pixar‘s original “Toy Story” feature film opened in 1995, fans have dreamed of going to an authentic recreation of the Pizza Planet kids’ restaurant from the movie. And while that still may not quite have happened just yet, we may have to settle for the next best thing at Disneyland Resort.

This past weekend, the park unveiled its temporary overlay of the existing Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port eatery in Tomorrowland, retheming the location to resemble parts of what we know from Andy’s favorite place to go in his hometown. Disneyland‘s Alien Pizza Planet doesn’t have any arcade games or even the famous claw machine that brought Buzz and Woody in contact with those delightful green alien characters, but it does have some fun decorations and a new menu for the summer-long Pixar Fest celebration.


I was personally a little disappointed to find that the robot guard standing outside Alien Pizza Planet’s entrance doesn’t move or even speak his lines from “Toy Story,” but I appreciate the effort that went into transforming Pizza Port– for a limited time– into one of Pixar’s most recognizable locales.

Pixar Fest runs from now through September 3rd at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.


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