Funko reveals new Deadpool parody Pop! exclusives for various retailers

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If you’re looking to collect a variety of Funko Pop! figures of the same character, look no further than Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth can be found in many different varieties, and there are even more options coming.

Funko revealed yesterday a new collection of Deadpool Pop! figures that will be released in conjunction with the upcoming “Deadpool 2,” and as you may have expected, they’re hilarious.

Two versions of Deadpool in a mermaid costume can be found exclusively at Target:

A Cheerleader Deadpool can be found exclusively at BoxLunch:

The royal King Deadpool can be found exclusively at FYE:

Known for his “fowl” language, Deadpool in a chicken suit can be found exclusively at Amazon:

A Samurai Deadpool can be found exclusively at Gamestop:

This Deadpool with a chimichanga can be found exclusively at 7-Eleven:

And the adorable-yet-feisty Pandapool can only be found at Hot Topic:

All of these Funko Pop! figures will be available this summer. And be sure to check out “Deadpool 2” when it slices and dices its way into theaters May 18.

Source: Funko


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