After 30 years, “Queen Mary” hotel lets guests stay in haunted cabin

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Once a luxury transatlantic ocean liner (1936-1965) California’s “Queen Mary” hotel remains permanently docked in Long Beach.  Now a floating hotel, she hosts a trio of world class dining experiences.  The vessel also lays claim to being one the world’s most haunted locations.

Of those legendary haunts, activity in one particular suite stands out, making it the most haunted active location on board. As a result, reservations for cabin B340 vanished, until now.

Seaworthy Spirits

Documented on shows like “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” and “America’s Most Haunted,” the “Queen Mary” is considered one of the top ten most haunted locations in the world, according to “Time” magazine.  It is believed that the spirit of fireman John Peddler (crushed by one of the large liner’s watertight doors) remains on board. Reportedly, phantom screams emanate from vessel’s bow. Thes cries may belong to those who perished during WWII when the ship collided with, and tragically sunk her escort vessel. “Queen Mary” harbors so many ghost stories, that several year-round tours highlight the potential paranormal activity.

Haunted Cabin

With reports of lights mysteriously turning off and on again, faucets running and stopping on their own and the bathroom door shutting without visible cause, suite B340 is notorious for unexplained phenomenon.  One overnight guest awoke to  covers ripped from the bed.  Adding to the terror, they witnessed an eerie entity lurking at the end of the bed. Due to these unexplainable disruptions, the famous floating hotel completely removed  reservations for Room B340 in the 80’s.  The creepy cabin remained off limits to overnight guests for 30 years.

Ghostly Encounters?

Now, starting at $499 a night, those passionate for the paranormal finally have the chance to experience the legendary cabin for overnight visits.  As a result, brave (or foolish?) mortals up for the challenge can enjoy the full benefits of an oversized luxury cabin aboard the infamously haunted Queen Mary.  Designed to “amplify” experiences, guests receive a chest filled with ghostly goodies. Within, Tarot cards, Ouija board, crystal ball and assorted ghost hunting equipment provide “enhancement” for paranormal possibilities.

Additional Adventures

Beyond braving B340, additional eerie experiences exist.  In addition to their guided Paranormal Shipwalk, “Queen Mary” is home to an especially fright filled Ghosts and Legends tour (complete with “elevated scare factors”) .  Finally, dining with Spirits and the opportunity to participate in a paranormal investigation round out planned haunted happenings.

“Queen Mary” enjoys a permanent mooring at 1126 Queens Highway in Long Beach, California. Make reservations (including those for Cabin B340) by calling 877-437-2934.  Additional information for attractions and tours can be found at their website.

Source and Images:, America’s Most Haunted, Haunted Places, YouTube

in Haunted Attractions, Hotel, Tabletop Gaming, Television, Travel

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