VIDEO: You can get a Cotton Candy Burrito from Creamberry in Las Vegas

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We all have our favorite sugary treats. Some places serve them all; ice cream, candy, chocolate and whatever else we could possible want. Other places, like Creamberry in Las Vegas, take it to the next level.

How would you like to have to you favorite ice cream flavor, covered in your favorite toppings of course, and then wrapped in a cotton candy “tortilla” in an insane dessert burrito. Well, that’s exactly what Creamberry’s Cotton Candy Burrito is.


Cotton candy ice cream burrito

Get your camera ready!? A Las Vegas eatery serves up an Instagram-worthy treat that combines the best of both worlds: A cotton candy ice cream burrito. ? MORE→

Posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Personally, this would probably be a little bit of overkill on the sugar for me, but it certainly looks like it would be interesting to try.

If you’re interested in the Cotton Candy Burrito or any of the other crazy desserts Creamberry has to offer, you can learn more about them by visiting their Facebook page.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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