Travel in Style: An Easter Eggstravaganza – 20 reasons to visit the UK’s Cadbury World

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Cadbury World is nothing short of a chocoholic’s dream come true.  The only thing missing from this fantasy factory of sweet fulfillment is the appearance of Gene Wilder (or Johnny Depp) asking visitors for their golden ticket.

While the whimsical wonder is open year-round, a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham England is an eggcelent Easter experience!  Of course there’s more egg-citement than just the infamous Cadbury Crème egg; from tours to tasting, interactive immersive experiences to fanciful rides, Cadbury World offers over a dozen delightful, delicious diversions.

Cadbury’s creamy chocolate confections go way beyond the fondant filled Crème Egg.  Scores of mouthwatering milk chocolate creations like the Flake, Brunch Bar, Diary Milk bar, Curly Wurly bar, Easter Eggs and Wispa bar have been produced over the company’s 194 year history.

While Cadbury has factories around the globe, Cadbury’s Birmingham, England location, is also home to an amusement park experience.  Established in 1990, Cadbury World hosts over a dozen different zones of fun.

1. The newest attraction, 4D Chocolate Adventure, though the use of motion seats and 3D imagery, immerses guests in a chocolate covered collection of adventures.

“Dive into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny. Hold tight!!!”   Cadbury World Website

2. Interactive stations share the history of chocolate making in the Manufacturing zone.

3. Time travel back to Victorian England and meet company founder John Cadbury.  1824 Bull Street also displays photo-op ready examples of early Cadbury products.

4. Important ingredients are just a part of the story of how Cadbury makes their famous sweets.  The Making Chocolate Story features a “special effects cinema presentation.”

5. An imaginative immersion into a fantasy realm awaits visitors of all ages as they board Beanmobiles to experience Cadabra.

Step into one of our Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland full of familiar characters as you discover the magic of Cadbury. It’s great fun – especially for kids – and one of the Beanmobiles can accommodate wheelchairs, so everyone can enjoy the ride. Cadbury World Website

6. Digital chocolate diversions delight guests in the Purple Planet zone.  Activities like chasing Crème Eggs, growing a cocoa tree and romping under chocolate rain are a few of the sweet selections.

7. In the Aztec Jungle adventurers traverse tropical rain forest to come face to face with Emperor Montezuma and discover the coveted cocoa bean’s historic origins.

8. In the Green Screen zone, busting from Easter Eggs, surfing on a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar or bathing in Flake chocolate is possible.  Chroma key phots are then available to download online.

9. For the ultimate cocoa immersion, Cadbury World offers a Chocolatier Experience. Only offered on select dates, the two hour event engages guests for hands on introduction to the chocolate making process.  Reservations and an additional fee are required.

“With all of the necessary chocolatier gear provided, as well as the tempting chocolate to work with, Cadbury World’s Chocolatier Experience is the perfect insight into life as a Cadbury World chocolatier. The two-hour session features a hands-on lesson in the art of chocolate making, from the history and science behind it, to tasting dark, milk and white chocolate, to better understanding the processes used to create each variety.

Learn the tips and techniques for tempering chocolate ready for moulding, prepare and fill your own set of individual chocolates in the same way Cadbury’s very own chocolatiers would have practiced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Learn hand-decorating techniques from our chocolatiers, known for their show-stopping creations to help bring the chocolate creations to life. Practice your chocolate handwriting, you’ll have the chance to test out your new skills on a Cadbury chocolate shoe and will take home your chocolate creation to show off to friends and family.” – Cadbury World Website

10. – 13. Other attraction zones include the Cadbury Story (as told by John Cadbury), Advertising Avenue (popular past marketing marvels), Journey to England (follow chocolate’s journey to the UK), and outdoor African Adventure Play Area (viewable on Google Maps).

Chocolate with Character

14. – 18. A quartet of character experiences feature Cadbury characters like Caramel Bunny and Freddo frog.  These include a character breakfast (on select weekends), Party Time with Freddo, Storytime with Caramel Bunny and special weekend Cadbury Character weekend shows (in March, April, and July –see website for details).

Easter Sunday visitors may also encounter another character often seen at this time of year:

Shopping and Dining

19. Cadbury World has chocolate consumption covered too!  Within the world’s largest Cadbury Shop, Cadbury confections and Cadbury World souvenirs are ready for purchase.

21. Cadbury World Café not only features chocolate inspired sweets like Cadbury Mini Egg hot cocoa and Cadbury Rocky Road, but also offers soups, sandwiches, coffee, and more.

Cadbury World is located on Linden Road in Bournville, Birmingham, England.  Operating hours vary by season (check the calendar on their website); some attractions open early or stay open later. Can’t make it to England? There is also a another version of the attraction in Dunedin New Zealand.

Source and Images: Wikipedia, Cadbury World website and Facebook page, YouTube

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