The Russo Brothers’ AGBO to team with “Saw 2” director to develop new immersive experiences

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The Russo Brothers have been busy. As if directing the biggest superhero movie of all-time and what’s being called the “most ambitious crossover event in history” wasn’t enough, their entertainment company, AGBO, has some big plans as well.

The Russos announced today that their company will be teaming with The Tension Experience, another entertainment company, to develop new location-based, interactive and immersive experiences.

The Tension Experience was started by Darren Lynn Bousman, director of several of the Saw films, writer Clint Sears and producer Gordon Bijelonic. Together they have created multiple experiences that they refer to as “immersive theater.”

The first joint project to be spawned from this teaming will be a permanent location in Las Vegas and will create a nightlife experience that will react to the audience’s individual choices and decisions.

“We’re always searching for new and innovative ways to interpret narrative,” said Anthony and Joe Russo. “We’re beyond impressed by the wholly immersive experience that Tension has brought to all of their shows, and we look forward to helping them expand their reach.”

Both sides appear to be very excited about the potential experiences the two companies could develop together.

“This is the most fulfilling creative endeavor we could possibly be involved with. It’s unparalleled in its scope and possibilities,” said Sears. “The team feels that their experience along with the unparalleled creative force of AGBO will help create the most exciting immersive collaboration in the world.”

There is currently no timeline set for the new experience from AGBO and The Tension Experience.

Source: Deadline

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