PHOTOS: “Westworld” town Sweetwater came to life for immersive experience at SXSW

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HBO’s “Westworld” came to life at Austin’s SXSW Festival over the weekend.

The network spent four months refurbishing a real-life ghost town in Austin, Texas, for “Westworld” Live Without Limits. The show’s sci-fi park Sweetwater was recreated in stunning detail, with actors playing out elaborate storylines and interacting with visitors.

Below, scroll through for a look at the immersive event, courtesy of Business Insider.

Fans who were able to book appointments for Sweetwater gathered at a bar in Austin before being shuttled to the park’s secret location.

Guests visited the Delos office to be evaluated and given a white hat or black hat.

Guests were also given two tokens to buy alcohol from one of three saloons, including Mariposa.

Production on the park began in November. A crew of 40 people assembled the set, and HBO hired 60 actors, 6 stunt people, 5 bands, and 6 horses to inhabit the town of Sweetwater.

Guests were encouraged to explore and interact with town residents at their own pace over the course of two hours.

The new season of “Westworld” premieres on HBO on April 22.


For more on the “Westworld” SXSW experience, head over to Business Insider

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