TOY FAIR 2018: New Harry Potter and Marvel games, Fuggler dolls, and more from Spin Master

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During Toy Fair 2018, we got the chance to tour the Spin Master booth and see some of their exciting new Harry Potter and Marvel merchandise, as well as their collectible Fuggler doll line, Erector Sets, and Etch-A-Sketch products.

First up, the toy company showed off a fun “Harry Potter” twist on their popular Perplexus maze game. Inside the eye-catching globe, a small ball travels around a twisty, turny track filled with obstacles. The goal is to flip and twist the Perplexus to move the ball along a numbered track, and if the ball falls off, you have to start over.

Spin Master also previewed the Harry Potter version of Headbanz, a quick question game. Place “Harry Potter”-related cards on your head, then ask other players “yes” or “no” questions to figure out who or what is on the card.

Moving on to Marvel, the Hail Hydra game pits Heroes against Hydra and nobody knows which side other players are on. Players place anonymous votes to move the loyalty dial toward Heroes or Hydra, and if you think you know who the bad guys are, you can call them out during the game. If you’re correct, they’re out. If you’re wrong, you’re eliminated.

For more superhero fun, there’s 5-Minute Marvel. This quick-draw game asks players to choose cards, then match them to corresponding symbols and defeat Marvel villains in 5 minutes.

Spin Master is also offering their own take on collectible figures with the delightfully weird Fuggler dolls. The “funny ugly monsters” have teeth that look and feel real and a handcrafted vibe, making them a great option for offbeat collectors.

And for old-school toy lovers, Spin Master had some cool Erector Set and Etch-A-Sketch displays. Vintage Erector Sets showcased the retro toy’s history alongside new offerings, while the original Etch-A-Sketch sat alongside a new chalkboard-style version, a Guess-A-Sketch game, and keychain-sized versions.

For more from Spin Master, head over to their website.

in Entertainment, Harry Potter, Marvel, Merchandise

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