Funko announces end of Disney Treasures subscription box, moving them to an exclusive retailer

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Funko announced the end of their Disney Treasures subscription box service, but luckily, they aren’t disappearing completely.

Disney Treasures boxes, which include Disney theme park collectibles, favorite characters and more, will be discontinued on April 2, 2018. The current Disney Treasures “Adventures” box will be the last one available to account holders, but Funko is partnering with an exclusive retailer (not yet announced) to deliver the Disney Treasures box as a retail offering.

If you’re a current subscriber to the Disney Treasures box, here’s what you need to know:

Bi-Monthly Account Changes

Starting today, February 16, bi-monthly subscription accounts will have auto-renew turned off immediately, changing the account status from “active subscriber” to “account holder.” As an account holder, you should do the following:

  • Log into your account to purchase the current Adventures Disney Treasures box (quantities are limited)
  • Read the FAQ section here if you have any questions.

Founder/Annual Subscriber Account Changes

Starting today, February 16, all annual subscription accounts will have auto renew turned off. On your scheduled renewal date, your account changes from “active subscriber” to “account holder.” You will continue to receive your allotted subscription boxes until your renewal date.

If you have already reached your renewal date and still want to purchase the Adventures Disney Treasures box, you’ll have to log into your account to purchase.

Here’s info on Refunds and Annual Gifts from Funko:

Refunds: Once the Disney Treasures Subscription service is discontinued, any refunds for annual subscription boxes that are not fulfilled will be processed back to the credit card currently on file in your account. For example, if your annual subscription was scheduled to renew in August 2018, you will be refunded for the balance of your annual subscription between the discontinuation date and your original August 2018 renewal date. Please ensure that the credit card and billing information for your account is up to date.

Annual Gift: As an Annual Subscriber to Disney Treasures, you will receive your annual subscription gift. Even if your annual subscription is not completed and Funko issues a refund for boxes not fulfilled, we will still send you the Disney Treasures Annual Subscriber’s gift. Annual gifts will be delivered within a month of your annual renewal date.

And here are instructions to log in and purchase the Adventures Disney Treasures box:


Steps to Logging in and Purchasing Boxes

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘My Account,’ enter your email address and your password, and click ‘Log In.’
  3. Navigate to the Order Past Boxes section where you will find the current box, Adventures, as well as past boxes.
  4. Add the Adventures box, and any past boxes, to your cart and proceed through the check-out process.
  5. Your entire cart, including the Adventures box, will be processed for payment upon check-out.
  6. The current Disney Treasures box will ship in early April, while any past boxes ordered will be shipped immediately.

Box Availability

The inventory of the Disney Treasures collectible box, offered by Funko, will be limited. Existing Annual Subscribers will be guaranteed a box, with the balance of inventory offered to all Account Holders. See steps above to secure a box.

Funko is reportedly ending the subscription service for Marvel’s Collector Corps, DC’s Legion of Collectors, and Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty as well, but so far they’ve only announced the end of Disney Treasures on their website.

Source: Funko 

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