VIDEO: World’s first go-kart loop revealed as part of crazy new MackManiac kart track

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Have you been looking for a more intense go-kart experience? Well, look no further. Mad Mack has unveiled the new MackManiac track, which features the world’s first go-kart loop.

The intense new experience was revealed in a new video from the attraction developer, showing a driver taking a kart through the complete loop.


When translated, the description from the above video reads as follows:

“MackManiac beams for the first time in reality what only seemed possible in crazy video games: You steer and accelerate your kart with up to 6-G (g-force) even through loops or screws. Gone are the days when you are strapped down and driven by roller coasters.

If you do not have the guts to accelerate or rip the steering wheel, you will fail. In this case, your kart safely rolls backwards out of the loop.”

The underlying technology for the course has been submitted for patent approval and Mad Mack is currently waiting to hear from theme parks and kart course operators who may be interested in the course.

For more information on the MackManiac course, you can visit the official Mad Mack website.

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