VIDEO: “Nintendo Labo” will allow gamers to build their own inventive cardboard Switch peripherals

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Nintendo Switch owners, get ready for the next step in console gaming. Today the multinational video game company Nintendo revealed its new gaming concept called “Nintendo Labo,” which utilizes pre-made cardboard cutouts to offer gamers the opportunity to assemble a number of different, innovative peripheral accessories that work in tandem with software designed for the platform.

The initial core release will incorporate options of constructing a remote-controlled car, a fishing rod, and a toy piano for use with mini-games included within the software. An addition add-on set called “Robot Kit”– available at launch– will allow players to build a working mech suit and visor.


It’s such a unique concept that it may take some time for users to actually figure out what the functionality of “Nintendo Labo” is, precisely. But I have a feeling that once Nintendo fans (especially skewing toward the younger audiences) get the hang of it, there’s a lot of potential for fun within this idea.

“Nintendo Labo” and “Robot Kit” will be available Friday, April 20th for Nintendo Switch. For more information, visit Nintendo’s official website for the product.

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