New “Star Wars” Stormtrooper Robot from Ubtech makes scary-cute display at CES 2018

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“Star Wars” Stormtroopers are generally pretty menacing, but Ubtech Robotics has a cute new mini robot version that you won’t mind having in your home.

Ubtech showed off the First Order Stormtrooper Robot at CES 2018, currently taking place in Las Vegas. Produced by the Consumer Technology Association, the conference provides a stage for the coolest new technology.

The adorable First Order Stormtrooper Robot features an augmented reality experience, voice command, facial recognition, and patrolling capabilities. The AR experience is enabled by connecting to a companion app, which lets you protect the First Order through immersive first- and third-person views.


IGN shared a few images of the robot on display at CES 2018:


The First Order Stormtrooper Robot retails for $299.99. To purchase or learn more, visit the Ubtech Robotics website.

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