Grumpy Cat wants your assistance in helping these Walt Disney World cast members get well soon

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Disney cast members are an essential part of the theme park experience. They can help guests turn their visits and vacations into something magical, and the best ones are remembered in the hearts and minds of the children and families they assist along the way.

That’s why it’s especially heartbreaking when a cast member is in need of medical care, as is the case for three women who have worked at Walt Disney World for some time: Rae, Olga, and Kristen are each in need of kidney transplants and seeking donations for health care costs via their GoFundMe page.

We came to be aware of this cause through the publicist of internet sensation Grumpy Cat, who has interacted with these star Disney employees during her visits to the Orlando parks. According to the email we received, “Kristen got her kidney a week ago, Rae is waiting on paperwork to finalize (her donor is in the Air Force), and the third, Olga– with the rarest blood type– is still looking for her donor.”

If you appreciate the work that these women do to bring happiness to visitors at Walt Disney World and would like to contribute to help offset their medical costs, you can visit their Facebook page, Instagram feed, and official GoFundMe to support their cause. I personally can’t think of a better way to give back to the cast members that make each visit to Disney theme parks so memorable… and to make Grumpy Cat a little less grumpy.

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