Fav 5 magical items from the “Harry Potter” Wizarding World movies

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Magical items are the stuff of dreams and cleverly convenient plot devices. Enchantments, spells, wands, potions and more are scattered about the Harry Potter universe.  With nine magical movies (a tenth, the second in the “Fantastic Beasts” series, due this November) and seven sensational books (along with a few spin-off “textbooks”), there are all kinds of wizarding wonders wandering about.

Setting aside wands, spells, and potions, there are several magical tools and trinkets to be found throughout J.K. Rowling’s realm of wizards and witches. Below are 5 favorite items from the Warner Brothers Studios’ movie adaptations.

1. Time Turner

It’s possibly the next best thing to being a Time Lord.  While Hermione used hers to be able to take on additional classes at Hogwarts, there are other benefits that can come from this enchanting piece of jewelry: correcting mistakes, being in two places at once, and getting more accomplished in a day.  Never be bound to the “Everyone only gets 24 hours a day” sentiment again.

2. Newt’s Suitcase

Looking past the amazing menagerie contained within, Newt Scamander’s suitcase is the ultimate travel convenience.  Imagine being able to carry your home, workshop, and more with you wherever you go!  Just make sure to “park” it in a safe place before disappearing within.

3. Cloak of Invisibility

As it turned out, Harry’s Cloak of Invisibility was truly legendary. Providing the power to prowl almost undetected and offering a degree magical protection, this particular item once allowed the user to hide from Death himself. Owning this fabled fabric (or a similar Demiguise-driven item of clothing) would easily allow for the perfect disappearing act when needed.

4. Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

Used by Harry to make his way into the Hogwarts Express car where Draco and his pals were, the inky magical powder repels light spells, as it creates an inky escape (or camouflage) when needed.  The Peruvian product was sold by Fred and George in their shop Weasely’s Wizarding Wheezes.

5. Vanishing Cabinets

Giving new meaning to a “perfect pair,” a matching set of these creepy cool cabinets can open doors. Forget Narnia; place one of them at point A and the other at point B for timely traveling between the two. These enchanted egress points could make visiting distant friends and relatives a breeze.

There are so many more mysteriously magical items to be found in this wonderful world of wizardry. From howling letters and school-defending suits of armor to magic mirrors and enchanted vehicles, there is so much more magic to be found in the books, movies, and plays of the Harry Potter universe.  The 5 favorites listed above are just a few spellbinding examples.

What are some of your favorite items from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast films?  Please cast your spell in the comments below.

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