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What would movies be without their score?  Try watching a movie with a familiar theme, but without the audio and it is easy to see just how important music is in setting the mood.  Pop in a CD or MP3 of the same music without the visual and you can almost see the scene(s) unfold in your mind as the score plays out.

Walt Disney knew and used this amazing audio vehicle in his cartoons and movies.  Crafters of creepy cool music adventures, Sideshow Sound Theatre, have been into the magic of music from the Walt Disney Company in their “Sideshow Sound Radio Mouse Music series.”

In addition to scaring up great Halloween soundscapes, the duo of Wendell Johnson and William Dodson – better known as Sideshow Sound Theatre – also review movie scores and the music of the Walt Disney Company via two aurally amazing podcasts.

William and Wendell, along with co-hosts Rachel Herrick and Chris Lyndon, have reviewed a dozen different Disney delights so far in their “Mouse Music” series.

“In “Mouse Music” we explore the amazing history of Disney music, including the films, TV shows, video games and parks in three segments, film and soundtrack discussion, the Disney Music Archives and In the Parks.” –Sideshow Sound Theatre Website

The Haunted Mansion (Episode 9) is a personal favorite!

“Welcome foolish mortals to episode 9 of Mouse Music, the podcast celebrating the music and history of the Walt Disney Company! Here at Sideshow HQ we don’t take our Halloween decorations down until December 1st at the earliest, so today we are finally going to talk about the greatest theme park attraction in all the land, The Haunted Mansion!” – Sideshow Sound Theatre website

Other episodes include note-worthy (pun intended) discussion about music from the Muppets (Episode #7), “Frozen” (Episode #6) and “Star Wars” (Episode #1)

Catch their collection of cool tune reviews, twelve in total (so far), on the Sideshow Sound Theatre website.  While there, be sure to also surf over to the “Foolish Mortals” tab.  This will take you to a CD Baby link for purchasing the music they produced for the documentary.

Source and Images: Side Show Sound Theatre website and Facebook page

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