That’s a Wrap -13 theme park inspired gift wrapping options

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The excitement of the season is in full swing. Soon the solstice will be upon us and then, a few days later, Christmas!  Holiday lights are illuminating homes and trees are trimmed awaiting this most magical of mornings.

Why not take a bit of the theme parks and put that under your tree, too?  Themed wrapping paper can easily up the excitement of that pile of presents under the tree.  We’ve found a few options that tie the tree to the parks.

The force is strong with these gift coverings, “Star Wars” selections.  Choose two rolls of wrapping with images from “the Last Jedi” or opt for a long time ago look with Yoda and Darth Vader prints.

1. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”
$15.04 Amazon

2. “Star Wars” Holiday Wrapping paper
$17.31 Amazon

Who’s the leader of the band and the subject of these next selections?  Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie grace these gift wrapping styles.  Choose from wrapping paper or a big gift bag.

3. Mickey and Minnie wrapping paper
$18.13 Amazon

4. Mickey and Minnie gift bag
$14.94 Amazon

Pixar paper possibilities include images from “Cars 3” or a collection of images from various Pixar classic films.

5. “Cars 3”
$12.95 Amazon

6. Pixar pack
$21.98 Amazon

Make Marvel-ous packages with these gift wrap options. Whether you choose the Avengers, Spider-Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy, its sure to be a super Christmas!

7. Avengers
$17.99 Amazon

8. Spider-Man
$18.70 Amazon

9. Guardians of the Galaxy
$14.97 Amazon

They’re adorable and an accident waiting to happen.  Minions might also make Christmas gifts appear a bit more whimsical (just keep them far away from any bananas)

10. Minions
$15.00 Amazon

11. More Minions
$12.95 Amazon

Perfect for pet presents, the furry stars of the funny feature found their way onto this adorable holiday gift wrap.

12. Secret Life of Pets
$19.99 Amazon

Could these Christmas presents be more than meets the eye? Give your gifts the disguise of Transformers for a more mysterious merry Christmas.

13. Transformers
$18.99 Amazon

Adding a bit of theme park polish to the presents under your tree is one way to throw some vacation magic into Christmas morning (bonus if the wrapping matches the location!).  Any of these 13 holiday gift garnishes give you the option to do just that.

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