Return of the Onesie -20 toasty pajama possibilities for adults

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Many of us have worn these wonders as wee little ones; it was made famous in the form of a big pink bunny.  The onesie, also known as a union suit has been keeping kids warm (with or without attached feet – the pajamas, not the kids) for years.

Lately this warm winter wonder has been making a pajama push into the evening attire of adults.  Featuring famous characters from pop culture, these pajamas are not just for children anymore!  We’ve gathered a great assortment of adult one piece p.j.s for you to peruse and purchase.

1. Totoro
This Hayao Miyazaki (“Spirited Away,” “Ponyo”) character is ready to keep you warm while showing your admiration for amazing anime.
$19.40-$21.00 Amazon

2. Cheshire Cat
You’ll grin from ear to ear knowing that you’ll keep toasty warm in this “Alice in Wonderland” onesie.
$23.98-$25.00 Amazon

3. Justice League
The whole family can be heroes with this super cool collection of pajamas.
$6.49 – $33.95 Amazon

4. Stitch
Experiment 626 now includes a means to ward off the winter weather when visiting dreamland.
$18.99- $32.99 Amazon

5. Eeyore
Pooh’s pal, Eeyore is a loyal friend.  You’ll find that loyalty is rewarded with comfort when you wear this union suit.
$22.99-$28.99 Amazon

6. Olaf
He may be a snowman, but his desire for warm sunshine is easily understood with this onesie.
$19.99- $23.99 Amazon

7. Sully
Imagine how confused any one of the monsters from Monstopolis would be if they jumped out of the door to find you in this union suit.
$23.99-$39.99 Amazon

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
COWABUNGA! The whole family can enjoy Turtle Power!
$19.99-$36.00 Amazon

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