Must-have munchies: 11 delightful Disney inspired holiday treats you can make at home

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The joy of the Christmas season is upon us.  Amid all the holiday hoopla and dazzling décor of this winter wonderland is the yuletide magic made by the Walt Disney Company.  Mickey and his pals turn up the pixie dust with special events, holiday overlays and tempting tinsel-time treats giving depth to the “merry” in Merry Christmas.

However, it is not always easy to make an escape to enjoy these enchanting experiences.  That does not mean the magic must be missed.  Gathered below are a eleven delicious delights inspired by Disney’s pixie-dust powered, merry-making, mouth-watering munchies.

Topping the temptations this time of year is the sweet sumptuous sugary sweetness known as the Christmas cookie.

1. Mickey Holiday Cookies

Using a piped icing, various colored frosting selections, and ready made garnishes, this tutorial teaches several ways to decorate your own Mickey Mouse holiday cookie. If you don’t already have a Mickey shaped cookie cutter, you can purchase this set of 5 different sized ones from Amazon.

2. Mickey Snowman Cookies

A bit more complicated, but equally sweet, this Mickey Snowman cookie is sure to please Santa as he drops off the presents on Christmas eve.

3. Mickey Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread also makes a great medium for Mickey Mouse munchies.  Add these to the cookies above, and maybe Santa will be super impressed?

4. Prep & Landing Elf Cookies

One of the more recent holiday features from Disney is the charming animated feature, “Prep & Landing.” This fun festive flick is an instant tradition, as are these Elf face cookies inspired by the cartoon.

5. Jack Skellington Cookie Pops

Bridging the “gap” (or more like marring the line) between Halloween and Christmas, Jack Skellington and his friends made a nightmare of the holiday.  Show your appreciation for his efforts with these creative cookie pops.

6. No bake Mickey Oreo cookies

Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to bake cookies this season.  Not to worry, these no-bake Mickey cookies can be made from Oreos.

Other cool Christmas time delights

From Frozen inspired creations to warm glazed almonds, these Disney inspired must have munchies make mouth-watering magic.

7. Cinnamon Glazed Almonds

The sweet/spicy flavor in these cinnamon glazed almonds not only taste terrific, their preparation proliferates throughout the home with a spectacular seasonal scent.

8. Olaf Marshmallow Pops

His 22 minute cartoon short might not have been appreciated as an opener to “Coco,“ but these Olaf marshmallow treats are an easy-to-make snack that little house elves are sure to devour.

9. “Frozen” Inspired Popcorn Snowballs

Once you’ve made these sweetened “Frozen” inspired popcorn balls it might be hard to let them go, but they would make delicious stocking stuffers.

10. Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls

Bring the magic of Mickey Mouse to the Christmas breakfast table with these gooey-great cinnamon rolls.

11. Mickey Mouse Yule Log

December 21st is the Winter Solstice. It’s usually celebrated by enjoying a Yule log.  A Mickey Mouse Yule log is sure to delight the whole family.

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Baking up any of these 11 Disney inspired must-have munchies is a fun way to engage the family and possibly start a new holiday tradition.  From cookies to cakes and everything in-between, sprinkling some pixie dust on your Yuletide treats is a great way to add a bit of extra magic.

Source and Images: Disney Family, the Disney Chef, Life Made Simple Bakes, Youtube

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