Inside the Magic presents a 2017 Advent Calendar: December 14th

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Happy Holidays! Welcome to the ITM Advent Calendar.  Each day from now until Christmas, ITM will feature a festive photo for you to enjoy (save, share, add as a wallpaper for your mobile device, etc.).

Advent calendars have been used celebrate the season since the 1700’s. Traditional versions included doors or windows with dates leading up to Christmas.  Behind each was a surprise.  These varied from smaller parts to a larger image, candies or trinkets.  In Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, a daily Yule calendar television show is aired up until Christmas Eve.

Kungaloosh! Today’s image depicts a spirited surprise from The Adventurers Club which used to be part of Pleasure Island (now Disney Springs) in the Walt Disney World Resort (Florida).  The organ used to be upstairs in the main salon and was the “home” to “Fingers,” a spirit who took up residence in the instrument.

Tune in tomorrow (and every day until Christmas) for a new seasonal surprise!

Image: Michael Gavin

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