Holiday Decorating: 12 Theme Park inspired DIY crafts for Christmas

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Holiday Decorating

December decorations herald holiday happiness. Magic is in the air and Santa will soon be on his way. Christmas traditions and events enchant young and old as the year draws to a close.

Trimming the tree along with the rest of the holiday décor can seem like a chore. But perhaps these 12 theme park inspired DIY decorations can lend a bit of festive fun to the task?


A Wizarding Winter Wonderland

1. Quidditch Broom Ornament

Whether racing around your Christmas tree or displayed on their own, these brilliant brooms boast your support of the Quidditch game.

2. Rembrall Ornament

Too bad this outstanding orb cannot help with your holiday shopping list. However, this gift from Grandma Longbottom is bound to be a beauty on your tree.

3. Potion Bottle Ornaments

Placing Potter-inspired potion bottles on your tree may not help you pass Potions class. Putting Polyjuice potion and Veritaserum around the branches will add a wonderful reference to the Hogwarts class to your holiday.

4. Floating Book Ornament

Before the movies, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books were a big hit themselves. Show your love for the series with these tiny tree-trimming treats.

5. Marauder’s Map Tree Skirt

Planning a Harry Potter holiday tree? This crafty canvas tree skirt, inspired by the “Marauder’s Map,” is the perfect place for a spell-binding seasonal setting.

A Star Wars Holiday Celebration

No, not the awful 1970’s television variety special! Rather these out-of-this-world creations inspired by a galaxy far, far that don’t require a mastery of the force to fabricate.

6. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

Temporary tattoos provide the artwork for these clever “Star Wars” seasonal DIYs. Ornaments featuring iconic characters, legendary spaceships and more can easily be made by following these directions.

7. BB-8 Ornament

A clever creation that requires a bit of work, this just might be the droid you are looking for. Mimicking movements made by the rolling droid, this BB-8 ornament would be right at home on any holiday tree.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare (before Christmas)

These Halloweentown holiday favorites can easily add some merry-making mischief to your Halloween-meets-Christmas décor.

8. Jack Skellington Ornaments

The Pumpkin King himself comes to life in these easy to make Christmas tree ornaments.

9. Nightmare Monster Christmas Wreath

Ready for some festive feasting, this larger than life monster wreath is a fiendishly fun way to add a bit of dark delight to your holiday “Nightmare.”

. . . Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

For the Walt Disney Company, it all started with a mouse. Now Mickey merrymaking can be a part of your holiday home with these Mickey Mouse inspired Christmas crafts.

10. Mickey Snowman Christmas Cards (and more)

It’s not too late to send an old-fashioned Christmas card to family and friends (or to add one to a holiday gift). These Mickey Mouse snowman cards are perfect for spreading a bit of pixie dust! Bonus: the instructional page also includes directions for making Disney inspired pipe cleaner ornaments and Mickey peppermint swirl cookies!

11. Mickey Mouse Wreath

Using seasonal swag found at the dollar store, this large Mickey Mouse icon Christmas wreath a is fun craft for the front door.

12. Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Hot glue joins large and small Christmas ornaments to make magical Mickey Mouse icon decorations for your Christmas tree (or to add to your Mickey Mouse wreath).

From magic to mice, the Force to frights, these 12-holiday crafts make great December D.I.Y. delights for your home or office holiday decorating desires.

What are some of your favorite theme park inspired holiday home decorations?  Please share the joy in the comments below.

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