December 5th is Krampusnacht, are YOU ready?

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The night before the Feast of St. Nicholas, December 5th is officially Krampusnacht, the night when the horned helper to Saint Nicholas collected all the naughty children.  Either with a stern spanking from his birch switch or carting them off in the basket on his back, the threat of a visit from Krampus was often enough to keep little ones in line during the holidays.

Krampus’ popularity is surging. In addition to the official Krampus marches and events, this Germanic legend has also been the subject of books, films, television shows and more.  Whether you are marching across the snow on Krampusnacht or any of the various similar events taking place this December, or just want to add to your Krampus collection, Inside the Magic has you covered.

Eerie Events

A search of Facebook for Krampus related events yielded dozens of dark December gatherings proving the Santa sidekick is making a comeback.  Many were scattered across the globe including Poland, Germany and Italy (all regions very familiar with the horned creature).

There’s a Krampus Ball at the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) taking place this Friday.

Of interest, closer to home here in the United States are several upcoming events honoring the Krampusnacht tradition.

The Haunted Whitehill Mansion hosts a Krampus Bazaar on Saturday December 9th.  The 11am – 9pm event includes a Krampus costume contest.

Move over St. Nicholas, your partner is posing for pictures now. “Shockacon is pleased to announce their fourth annual Pictures with Krampus photo event and Fright Before Christmas pop culture art show on December 9, 2017, at Mike Winland Studios, 5306 MacCorkle Avenue SE in Kanawha City.” (West Virgina)

Photos with Krampus” also happens Sunday December 10th from noon to 8, in Cleveland OH.

December 16th will be the day residents and visitors to Fairmount Park (Ft. Worth, TX) will be able to witness the Farimount Krampus Parade.

Also on Saturday, December 16th, is the Krampus Society of New England’s Krampus Ball. This BYOB event boasts spankings, Krampus Karaoke, photo ops and more. This 8pm-midnight event will descend upon the Mediator Stage in Providence, RI.

In Augusta, Georgia, a multi-day “Krampus Fest!” will take place from December 18-23.

Billed as a switch to the same old Christmas party, Chizuko, a bar in Pensacola, FL, will be haunted by a “Krampus Romp.” Krampus costumes are encouraged.

Krampus is also making appearances at pop culture conventions.  The demonic disciplinarian made an appearance at Spooky Empire last December.

And at Awesomecon this past September.

Krampus Kollectables

For those who won’t be able to enjoy the fright of facing Krampus (and those who are ever on the search for creepy cool Krampus swag, like yours truly), there is a growing grab-bag of great gear to be found.  In addition to the Krampus ornaments we’ve previously shared, we’ve managed to dig up a few more fiendishly fun finds.

Krampus Ugly Sweater
Perfect for keeping your cold heart warm on winter nights (at least the ones where you are not donning your fur Krampus costume).
$54.99 Amazon

Gruss Vom Krampus! Tee Shirt
This 100% cotton tee shirt shows a classic Krampus image and your appreciation for all his work dealing with bad children.
$15.95 Amazon

“Krampus” Blu Ray
Enjoy the dark comedy from director Michael Daugherty.  This is the frightfully fun film that found its way into Universal Studios Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights.
$11.99  Amazon

WETA Krampus Bell Replica
A copy of the very bell given to grandma in the “Krampus” film, this resin replica has a fully functional clapper within and is the perfect creepy Christmas collectable.
$37.99 Amazon

Funko Krampus Collectable Vinyl Figure
There are two versions of this cute critter made by Funko:
Standard Vinyl
$19.93 Amazon

Flocked Vinyl
$19.00 Amazon

Red Collectable Limited Edition
$48.95 Amazon

I cannot think of a better way to get back to “old school” Christmas traditions than by honoring the hard work and dedication of Santa’s counterpart, Krampus.  His work in disciplining naughty children (that the good Saint could or would not) has gone unsung for too long.

Gruss Vom Krampus!

Source and Images: Amazon, Facebook (respective events), YouTube

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