VIDEO: Inside “Dead Man’s Quest,” an interactive, immersive walk through shooting attraction at IAAPA 2017

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Dead Man’s Quest, Escape from Pirate’s Lair” is an interactive walk through shooting attraction that takes shooting style games to new immersive and themed heights.

IAAPA 2017 is a massive convention full of many exciting and creative attractions which visitors travel from across the world to see. The event is packed with so many sights that it is nearly impossible to see the entire expo floor.


However, one attraction that stood out from this massive crowd was this fast paced mini shooting adventure, which transports guests to another world. What is so exciting about this experience is that it is an immersive story which progresses from room to room as visitors move throughout it.

The theming of this experience overtakes guests right at the entrance where visitors take in an enticing facade, which features different themed elements. This brilliant display begins the process of transporting guests into the adventure that is this attraction.

When visitors enter the attraction they are handed a wireless gun with a unique name on it. That name is used to identify user’s scores which are presented on scoreboards throughout the attraction. As guests travel throughout each room and move toward new playing fields an audio prompt is triggered which gives themed storyline information about the shooting range. The prompt is a fun character voice which tells of the rules of the playing field, specifically what to shoot and what to avoid for the punishment of lost points.

After this prompt, the playing field leaps to life with exciting lighting effects and pop-up figures to shoot at. Each are black light environments with lasers and other eye catching light spectacles. The prompt will then come back on after the round to guide you to your next obstacle within the attraction.

Some interactive elements guests can also expect when walking through are air blasts and water squirting.

The idea originated from traditional static shooting galleries where people stand in one spot and shoot with an anchored gun. Daniels Wood Land, the company behind this experience took this original idea and transformed it into an interactive walk through adventure that can be altered to different themes.

Some of the themes Daniels Wood Land offers are Urban Zombie, Space Alien, Dinosaur, IP and more. Another special thought that went into the creation of this attraction was its ability to fit into different host spaces. Each attraction can be adapted to fit into any host’s size or budget, including the different elements found on the attraction’s themed front facade.

For more information about this attraction and others offered by Daniels Wood Land, be sure to checkout their official website

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