VIDEO: Disney Springs celebrates the holiday season with festive decorations and the Christmas Tree Trail

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Disney Springs rings in the holiday season with decorations hung throughout the shopping center and the special Christmas Tree Trail experience.

Disney Springs is the ultimate shopping and entertainment center for guests of the Walt Disney World Resort. The complex is packed with favorite shops, restaurants, bars and bakeries. And to celebrate the season, Disney Springs has brought decorations and other delights to its grounds for guests to experience the coming Christmas holiday.


As you walk around you can’t help but feel the merriment of Christmas from garland and ornaments hung from store fronts. Some other decorations found in the center are Christmas lights and decorative wreaths.

Other holiday decorations around the center are statues and creative seasonal scenes. Some of the statues and scenes guests can see are penguins, snowmen, Christmas balls, reindeer and illuminated Christmas trees.

The Christmas Tree Trail is another celebration that guests can experience while at the entertainment center. Located right behind the Disney’s Days of Christmas Store, here visitors can take a stroll in a land of winter wonder.

The area is full of Disney themed Christmas trees for guests to enjoy. Some of the themes are from the major Disney films including “Moana,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Frozen” and “Peter Pan.” Below are trees themed to “The Muppets,” “Mulan,” and “Mary Poppins.” In total, the trail includes over 25 Disney themed holiday trees.

All of these Christmas decorations are now on display at Disney Springs. The Christmas Tree Trail is also free to all guests who visit the entertainment complex and is now open through January 7.