SeaWorld Orlando celebrates Christmas 2017 by transforming into a Winter Wonderland

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SeaWorld Orlando rings in the Christmas holiday by transforming its park into a winter wonderland for its Christmas Celebration.

SeaWorld Orlando is mostly known for its exciting and fast roller coasters with crazy loops and sharp turns. The park is also known as an oasis for rescued wild and marine life animals. But one thing you may not know is that SeaWorld is also a great place to celebrate the change of season as the park goes above and beyond by featuring Christmas decorations and shows during SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.

Upon entering, guests are immediately greeted with an abundance of Christmas decorations hung around the park’s entrance, and this only continues as you make your way through the park. Some of these Christmas decorations include Christmas trees, garland, stockings and other light up decorations that are placed all around SeaWorld Orlando.

What is even more wonderful about these already stunning decorations is how they light up at night. Once nighttime falls, all of these decorations shine bright, lighting up the theme park.


Part of the nighttime decorations also include the Sea of Trees, pictured in the last two photos above. The trees are set up over the park’s lake and can be seen from around it. The colorful display lets guests experience a wintery, watery wonderland full of a glistening forest of over 100 trees. The trees sparkles to music and light up the water and your eyes. The lights appear to be LED and actually change color and feature fun animations on them as they dance to the music playing in the background.

Both the decorations and the light up tree show are really a sight to see. The Christmas decorations alone really take over the park, transforming it into almost a completely different theme park specifically just for the Christmas celebration.

The trees can also be seen lighting up during the Winter Wonderland on Ice show. During the show Christmas comes to life on a stage of ice, jewels and light. Ice skaters dazzle and delight in this show-stopping, ice skating extravaganza which is full of lovely holiday music and a stunning display of fountains and water devices placed between the light up trees.


In the video above are some highlights of the spectacle, which features a view of not only the show but also the light up trees and water fountains in the background. The show really is a delight as all of the skaters are incredibly talented when moving around the ice.

A few of the tricks performed during the show may even get a few gasps from the crowd as some are more on the wild side. This is definitely a fun show for the whole family, especially since the show features such exciting ice skating sequences.

Another show offered at the celebration is “O Wondrous Night.” Guests to the show can hear the greatest story never told, which features over 30 carols, life-size puppets and live animals. The show is also full of singing, special effects and creative lighting that helps put guests in the holiday spirit. Below are some highlights of the holy show.


Overall, the show is very enjoyable and full of talented singers. The voices of all the performers are wonderful and the show is really well written and produced. This is definitely an experience that will get guests in the holiday spirit and is also a nice break from walking around the massive theme park.

Some other shows offered at the Christmas celebration include “Clyde And Seamore’s Countdown To Christmas,” “Elmo’s Christmas Wish” and “Shamu Christmas Miracles,” all of which are exclusive experiences, showing only during the Christmas Celebration.

“Clyde And Seamore’s Countdown To Christmas” takes place at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium and features the lovable sea lion Clyde and his trainer Seamore. The show also features a few mischievous otters, a comical elf and even a jolly walrus.

“Elmo’s Christmas Wish” features the Sesame Street gang who come to SeaWorld to celebrate the holidays with a festive and fun musical celebration. The show features Rosita, Grover, Zoe and Cookie Monster as they work together to help Elmo find his Christmas wish!

“Shamu Christmas Miracles” lets guests experience the power and beauty of Shamu with a thrilling nighttime show full of seasonal music as the killer whale soars high in the air. The show tells the story of peace and friendship and how everyday miracles are always surrounding us throughout the year.

Guests to the celebration can also take part in meet & greets with their favorite holiday characters. This includes Santa and Rudolph’s ChristmasTown characters, featuring Rudolph, Clarice, Bumble, and Yukon Cornelius from the classic family Christmas television special, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

This is just a look at this wondrous Christmas celebration by SeaWorld Orlando. Overall, this is a wonderful experience that will get anyone in the holiday spirit as this event truly engulfs guests in Christmas.

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration is running select days from now till December 31. For more information about the special holiday event and to purchase tickets, be sure to check out the official website.

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