Oscar the Grouch wooden coaster ride vehicle unveiled for Sesame Place at IAAPA 2017

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At IAAPA 2017, Sesame Place unveiled the ride vehicle for their first wooden coaster to hit the theme park.

Sesame Place is the nation’s only theme park that is based entirely on the award-winning show “Sesame Street” and recently the park announced its first wooden-steel hybrid coaster coming to the park. Oscar’s Wacky Taxi is set to debut in spring 2018 and will be one of the largest new attractions in the park’s 37-year history.

Today, the ride vehicle for the new ride was on display on the expo floor. The two person ride vehicle is bright yellow and features everyone’s favorite grouch at the helm.

When the attraction opens it will send riders soaring down an exhilarating 40-foot drop. The ride will travel over 1,200 feet of track and feature exciting twists, turns, a mid-course tunnel and plenty of airtime. Oscar’s Wacky Taxi will join Super Grover’s Vapor Trail as the second roller coaster at the park.

Be sure to check out the new attraction when it hits Sesame Place next spring. Also, make sure to keep checking back throughout the rest of the week for more coverage of IAAPA 2017. 

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