Jack in the Box may be bringing its popular fast-food menu to Florida in the near future

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The prominent California-based fast food chain Jack in the Box may be adding some new locations in Florida in the near future.

The restaurant chain will host a franchise candidate meeting during the Airport Revenue News Conference and Exhibition in March 2018, where it will meet with candidates from the Orlando area.

Jack in the Box currently has more than 2,000 restaurants and employs more than 42,000 people, mostly on the west coast. The chain is also known for its tongue-in cheek television commercials featuring the bizarrely minimalist clown-faced character Jack.


The restaurant chain serves a menu consisting of hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos and more and boasts a 2016 revenue of $1.6 billion.

Source: Orlando Business Journal


  1. AD

    Because apparently people in Florida weren’t fat enough.

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  4. Finally… start off in broward county please.

  5. Scott

    We had jack in the box in Florida already. In Ocala, the 70s, closed down after many got sick after eating their food. Food poisoning. I’m thinking mid
    70s. Never really missed them.

  6. Gio

    Comeeee on build a jack in the box on the loop mall at the Kissimmee area it would be a hittttt dat would be the spot , the area is booming , went to vegas ate at jack in the box for the first time An loved it good prices An good food ,

  7. tlaird

    We need jack in the box in Daytona Beach , but i would drive anywhere in the state …..please

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