Heartwarming memories inspired Universal Orlando’s new Holiday Parade

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Universal has partnered with Macy’s for the past 15 years, spreading holiday cheer and magic in the Universal Studios theme park with stunning holiday themed parades.

The creators behind the spectacular holiday event were on hand at Universal Orlando to discuss the heartfelt inspiration behind it.


Lora Sauls, Senior Show Director of Creative Development Entertainment, shared her personal and meaningful inspiration behind the parade’s creation.

“In the start of the development of the parade there was a team of people and the first thing we talked about was what are some of our memories and traditions that each one of us shared during the holiday season. It all kind of culminated into the gift giving, celebration of friends and family and the fun we had as children and parents. We had so much fun with snow and Christmas and everything that goes into the season. These stories in the parade fall right into all those memories and traditions we had and we represented those memories and traditions in their own way.”

One example Saws explained was with the “Minions” float, which had all of the minions trying to decorate a Christmas tree. Saws explained that this was a memory that she and many people have as a child. The memory of being with your family and trimming a Christmas tree with the ones that mean the most to you.


John Piper, Vice President of Macy’s Studio New York, explained Macy’s influence and contribution to the new parade – specifically the wholesomeness of family.

“A little over a year ago we got together with our friends and said we’ve done this for fifteen years, it’s time to turn the page and do something totally different. We decided we were going to zero in on the holiday spirit of family, togetherness, of celebration, joy… and this is what inspired this entirely new parade.”

The new holiday parade is full of heartwarming scenes of togetherness and family. This can clearly be seen with the “Shrek” and “Despicable Me” family scenes, which both feature the main casts families coming together during the holidays.

It’s a perfect opportunity to bring your own family together to enjoy a few warm and fuzzies this Christmas season.

Be sure to head over to Universal Orlando tomorrow to check out this new emotional holiday spectacular!

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